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Exposure to emissions, trip hazards, vibration and noise continues to create prevalent health concerns for professionals in the construction trades. Jobsite equipment—such as gas or power- corded cut-off saws, breakers and generators—can be major offenders.

“More and more continues to be asked of trade professionals every single day. As these demands grow, they turn to manufacturers to help them stay safe and productive,” says Andrew Plowman, vice president of product management for Milwaukee Tool. “After spending more than 10,000 hours with users on thousands of jobsites globally, we discovered considerable safety and productivity challenges within some product categories—such as gas-powered and AC equipment.”

The MX FUEL™ Equipment System is the result of years of tireless research and investment in new technology, as well as ground-up development of new batteries, motors and electronics—all simultaneously developed under one roof. Designed to take on the very same gas and AC equipment that the professional trades have depended on for years, this system eliminates emissions and reduces the overall noise, vibration and frustrations of gas maintenance that have been deemed acceptable on jobsites for decades—in addition to removing tripping breakers, voltage drops and trip hazards.

Milwaukee has chosen six product focuses for the initial launch of MX FUEL™: 14” cut-off saw, breaker, handheld core drill, 3600w/1800w power supply, tower light and drum machine. Each of these products represent applications that have historically been challenging experiences for users due to stagnant equipment innovation and are the first battery-powered solutions of their kind.

Product Highlights
  • The first battery-powered system of equipment
  • No emissions, less noise and vibration, and no gas headaches
  • Delivers the performance, run-time and durability needed by the trades
  • One fully compatible system

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