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Company Highlights
  • 35 years of experience with the construction industry
  • In-house, never-outsourced support
  • Available in traditional and cloud-based versions

For 35 years, Foundation Software has been a trusted partner in helping contractors keep back offices running smoothly with reliable and adaptable construction accounting software. Now, as remote work becomes more commonplace, Foundation is helping contractors redefine the “back office” with a cloud-based, remotely-accessible, option of America’s #1* construction accounting software®, FOUNDATION SaaS.

As businesses were forced to quarantine and adjust to state-issued safety mandates, users with FOUNDATION SaaS didn’t miss a beat, with remote access to back office data already available through any internet-ready device. With FOUNDATION SaaS, users obtained the information they needed from anywhere and kept businesses moving effectively without needing to visit a physical office.

With complete access to reports, including dozens of print and electronic certified payroll formats available from day one, FOUNDATION SaaS lets contractors stay in touch with their data. And with automated reports, the need for entering data multiple times in multiple places is eliminated. Users simply punch in their information, and it all flows across the systemPlus, contractors can rest easy with the extra security benefits provided by FOUNDATION SaaS. With the Foundation team handling all of software updates and server maintenance, contractors will always have the latest, most secure version of the system.
Foundation is committed to helping contractors keep back offices running, even when they’re not in the office. See how FOUNDATION SaaS can redefine your back office by visiting foundationsoft.com.

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*See why we’re #1 at foundationsoft.com/claim


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