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TRUX dump truck logistics platform for material and aggregate producers and drivers is available in 19 states with more launches scheduled later this year. Built-in automation and management tools enable drivers to get paid weekly, earn rewards and save on insurance, parts and maintenance. TRUX Connect app for contractors manages jobsites and trucking logistics with tools for shift creation workflows, fleet management, dispatching and schedule views. 

With B2W Software’s mobile app, B2W Inform, for heavy civil construction, electronic forms for safety, inspections, training and additional operational processes can be downloaded to a mobile device along with operational data such as employee, job and equipment lists. Forms can then be completed anytime, anywhere in the offline mode and synced back to B2W Inform for routing, submission and reporting when a connection is established. 

Smart Safety delivers custom and emergency notifications for instant access to critical information in an emergency. Smart Safety communicates over cellular signals and is available in English and Spanish with five more languages in development. Smart Safety is built around patent-pending geolocation/geofencing technology that enables the administrator to enter the project site’s perimeter and define boundaries, then uploads project-specific emergency action information, such as situational details, evacuation routes, rally points, fire extinguisher locations, emergency contacts and more.

Software & In the Cloud

Timeero GPS time tracking and scheduling software tracks mileage, creates and assigns schedules, generates job costing and other reports, and performs quick time and payroll calculations. A geofencing features reminds employees to clock in and sends “out of bounds” alerts.

Limble CMMS maintenance software features a work order management system and maintenance calendar to create and manage preventive and predictive maintenance programs; the spare parts inventory system tracks and orders parts; and a custom reports dashboard can be customized to track specific KPIs. Limble is available through Android and iOS app stores.

TruckIT connects contractors, haulers and material producers to facilitate material pick-up and delivery, streamlining fleet management and dispatching, and automating manual processes through paperless ticketing, analytics and real-time reporting.

Autodesk has added PlanGrid Advanced RFIs and Project Hub to the PlanGrid platform for greater visibility into a project’s progress and unforeseen challenges. Advanced RFIs automate the request for information workflow to speed up the process, and Project Hub provides an actionable picture of key project activity in one central location within PlanGrid’s software.

Partnerships & Acquisitions

Procore Technologies is acquiring Honest Buildings, a provider of project management software for owners and developers. The acquisition will result in the creation of unified financials and cost tracking beginning with the first investor or lender dollar to its final spend at the subcontractor or material provider level.

Vector Solutions has acquired IndustrySafe, a safety management software provider. Vector also acquired CrewSense and Halligan earlier this year. Vector plans to expand its e-learning and training platform into a complete workforce and organization performance optimization solution.

Arc Skoru, a technology company affiliated with Green Business Certification and the U.S. Green Building Council, is partnering with tech companies arbnco, Commutifi, Measurabl and QLEAR. Arc users will be able to automate data flows and streamline data collection to discover potential LEED certifications and meet LEED requirements, as well as streamline the recertification process and meet recertification requirements.

Video & Cool Stuff

SE4 remote robotics software company is working on a robot operating system combining VR, computer vision and AI software for highly accelerated remote robotic control. The company is initially targeting repetitive tasks such as excavation and construction, where autonomous diggers can be told via a virtual environment which sector to excavate, to what depth and where to put the excavated earth. 


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