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The face of the construction jobsite is changing as advances in technology help workers to become more efficient, productive and mobile. It’s now the norm, rather than the exception, to see construction industry professionals using mobile devices to do work onsite that would have once required a trip back to the office. In an industry with slim margins, the use of technology has helped reduce profit loss due to inefficiency, miscommunication and challenging workflows. 

How Technology Can Save Time and Money

The right tech can reduce time spent on unrelated tasks, which means more time spent building. A 2018 study by PlanGrid and FMI found that construction professionals spend 35% of their time on non-optimal activities, resulting in an annual cost impact of up to $125,286 per employee. Conflict resolution, handling mistakes and rework, and hunting for project data can eat up significant time. Providing employees with mobile devices equipped with a construction project management app solution can mitigate many of these issues.

With a work team dispersed amongst different jobsites and offices, communication is key for ensuring accuracy and transparency. A small miscommunication can easily turn into a costly mistake and can spell the difference between profit and loss. With the right technology, communication is streamlined, and stakeholders are able to respond on the go, no matter where they are.

However, it’s not enough to simply purchase iPads and iPhones for your employees; they need to be consistently used to see benefits. While 75% of contractors provide mobile devices to staff, only 18% of companies consistently use the apps on those devices, according to PlanGrid. While this disconnect may be due to a number of factors, having access to the right tools for the job should not be one of them. That’s where mobile device management (MDM) comes in. With an MDM solution like Jamf Now, you can set up, manage and protect your Apple devices without an IT department, and empower your workers to get the job done. 

Manage Your Tech Investment Without an IT Department

Once you have your devices, you don’t want to spend valuable time manually configuring each device with the tools every user needs. With Jamf Now, this process is streamlined and automated, making it easy to set up devices quickly and remotely. Create a Blueprint for any use case (management, site supervisor, surveyor, etc.), then set the permissions, settings and apps that should be on those devices. Once an iPad, iPhone or Mac is enrolled, simply select the Blueprint that should be applied, and that device will automatically be configured to those specifications.

However, getting the devices into the hands of employees is only half the battle. Keeping devices up to date with the latest software and app updates is crucial for success, but can prove to be a challenge. Additionally, people and roles change, so you may need to reassign apps or update settings and permissions, all while keeping a sharp eye on your device inventory. Jamf Now allows you to push operating system updates, centrally deploy and manage apps and get a 360-degree view of your device inventory.

Implementing Apple devices in the workplace is an investment in your business and your employees. Naturally, you want to secure that investment and ensure that your sensitive data and information is equally protected. With Jamf Now, you can set passcode requirements and two-step verification on iOS devices, enable FileVault encryption on macOS devices to ensure company data is always secure and remotely lock or wipe a device if one is lost or stolen.

Jamf Now empowers you to set up your Apple devices right out of the box, without needing to be a full-time IT professional. With pricing starting at $2 per device per month, Jamf Now scales with your company’s growth while remaining affordable and easy to use. Best of all, you can start managing your first three devices free.

Learn more about how Jamf Now helps construction companies succeed with Apple.


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