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For an industry often cited for its reluctance to adopt new technologies, the biggest and most impactful tech innovations that are taking shape have to do with jobsite operations—where actual construction happens. One of the most significant of these is the widespread adoption of mobile technologies. Mobile apps have quickly gone mainstream, offering many opportunities to reduce time and cost, increase much-needed productivity and—importantly—simplify communication and collaboration. Pen and paper have been effectively replaced by smartphones and tablets in the hands of construction crews. However, it is not just the device, but the increasingly sophisticated mobile applications that enable effective collaboration, synchronization and communications among various project stakeholders.

The new CMiC FIELD R12 places the transformational power of the CMiC platform right in the hands of teams in the field. With anytime, anywhere, real-time access and an intuitive interface, CMiC FIELD R12 streamlines data collection, workflow management and analytical reporting for the entire field team.

1. Access information from anywhere, any device, anytime

Having all information readily available makes life much easier for users. With CMiC FIELD R12, which is available on iOS and Android devices, creating relationships between objects, such as RFIs and drawings, is now a breeze. Users can publish annotations on the drawing sheets, which can be viewed and acted on by team members in the back office and at the jobsite. The workflows enable information flows to be streamlined and updates to be shared in real time on mobile devices. Taking pictures and progress photos—and sharing them right away—can enable decisions associated with change orders and communicate them immediately to all relevant teams, preventing costly errors and rework.

2. Drive increased productivity and efficiency

Since information and critical updates are shared through the cloud-based CMiC FIELD R12 app in real time—rather than at the end of the shift—issues on the jobsite get resolved quickly and effectively, and every stakeholder can have a say. This real-time synchronization allows everyone to build from the latest set of drawings and documents, driving greater efficiencies and reducing waste.

3. Increase accountability

Time is money. Time spent on jobsites can be monitored and tracked through the CMiC FIELD R12 app, with the ability to instantly enter timesheets to capture and track labor hours. Not only can labor productivity be measured now, but firms can also benefit from greater transparency and accountability from construction crews.

The bottom line

CMiC FIELD R12 empowers teams to manage all aspects of their jobsite operations; creates an information bridge between the office and the field; and sets the stage for timely completion of projects. Construction professionals can harness the power, flexibility and mobility of CMiC FIELD R12 to do their jobs more effectively and productively, no matter where they happen to perform their work.

With FIELD R12 You Can Manage:

  • RFIs
  • Drawings and Specifications
  • Submittals
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Documents and Progress Photos
  • Daily Journals and Checklists
  • Punch Lists
  • Subcontracts

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