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Whether rented, owned or borrowed, high value assets and tools are used across the construction industry at jobsites and projects.This is equipment that businesses cannot easily replace. Not only is redeeming the cost and time of losing the item an overwhelming experience in and of itself, it’s even harder when companies are trying to recover from a season of economic uncertainty and nationwide mandated halts on construction. According to the National Equipment Register (NER), losing equipment to theft costs the construction industry's $1 billion per year. As construction gets back on its feet, protecting your assets is crucial to staying in business. The benefit to operating a construction business today, versus in the past, is that technology now exists to help protect and monitor your tools and equipment, saving you from an unnecessary headache and lost revenue.

Why you should protect your construction assets

The world we live in today is not operating as “business as usual.” Every project your team works on needs to be handled in a timely and efficient manner. There is no room for schedule delays and project disruptions due to misplaced tools and machines. With CalAmp iOn™ Tag service, your system will inform you with real-time alerts that an asset has been left behind and provide you with the known location of that asset, enabling you to recover lost equipment and get back to work as soon as possible.  

Integrating technology like CalAmp iOn Tag service with fleets and inventory management systems not only gives you insight into what was lost, but also gives you vehicle diagnostic and driver and behavior information. The API compatible asset tracking devices bring clarity through visibility into a problem of lost or stolen assets to help you create better workflows to prevent it from happening in the future.

CalAmp iOn Tags are compact, weatherproof and can be affixed to assets of all sizes. Furthermore, setup is quick and efficient when integrated with existing or compatible CalAmp telematics devices installed on a vehicle or jobsite.

Keep business moving and high-value assets safe

CalAmp iOn Tag smart sensors affix to diagnostic test equipment and other valuable service tools to help ensure the right equipment is in the right vehicle, yard or storage area, enabling improved service, operational efficiency and cost savings on equipment that may otherwise be lost or misplaced. The tags are powered by the CalAmp Telematics Cloud™ and managed in the CalAmp iOn™ app. If tools or other valuable assets are left behind, the system will identify the last known location and alert fleet managers and drivers to assist in a quick recovery. A flexible API interface allows fleet operators and telematics service providers (TSPs) to incorporate the iOn Tag service, or other CalAmp telematics services such as CrashBoxx™, directly into their custom applications.

Quick integration, easy setup and an agnostic solution is key to introducing new technologies into your asset management system. With the additional data that comes with monitoring and tracking your assets, you’ll be able to identify new cost saving opportunities. You can determine what tools you can reduce or increase within your inventory, monitor the quality of your equipment for potential replacements and determine what should be bought versus rented based on usage.

Overall, utilizing technology to protect your equipment, fleets and overall business is not only recommended but crucial to staying competitive in a market hungry for more business. There is no time to track down vehicles, machines or tools and miss the valuable data insights available to construction leaders. Proactively protecting and ensuring your assets are safe with sensors like iOn Tag will pay for itself with the confidence and security that it brings to your team. 

Learn more about the CalAmp iOn™ Tag

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