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Today, many contractors still rely on manual processes to capture installation data. This is time- consuming, inaccurate and often relies on guesses instead of actual data. 

But successful contractors have found ICT Tracker. A model-based production app that digitizes installation progress tracking and delivers comprehensive reporting for real-time visibility. All you need is a 3D model, a tablet and ICT Tracker. The field can now quickly and accurately determine what has been installed based on the actual model. 

Simply download the 3D model into ICT Tracker and then capture installation status—such as “installed,” “not installed,” “needs re-work” or any extended status—with the touch of your finger. Imagine tracking multiple phases, such as hung and placed or connected and tested, to calculate the total percent complete. This tool is specifically designed to be used by anyone in the field while providing visibility across the entire project team. 

The essential deliverable with ICT Tracker is the data. Although the introduction of scanning and 3D imagery to determine project progress is becoming more common, it lacks the critical and timely data that ICT Tracker provides.

Reports are generated in any metric desired and are immediately available to view in Power BI, spreadsheets or integrated into project management systems, such as Procore. 

Created for general and all trade contractors, ICT Tracker is the “must have” app to track resource and labor productivity. It is no secret that when project managers can accurately plan and adjust schedules based on real-time project status, they can easily save time and turn that time into increased productivity and profits.

“We finally have an easy and accurate process to verify when a project is on track. But more importantly, when it’s not."

Bob Mahoney,  Worcester Air

Contractors Need
  • A way to easily and accurately measure project performance in real-time
  • The ability to take corrective action on  issues when they arise
  • Easy-to-use technology that digitizes the manual, paper-based reporting process
  • Real-time data on installation status to  track estimates and prevent margin slip

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