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SnapAI is a revolutionary electronic takeoff solution that cuts existing electronic takeoff time nearly in half and improves accuracy. In the past, generic snap technology has enabled estimators to “snap to” points in a vector PDF, eliminating the need for an estimator to zoom into a drawing to find the most accurate corner or endpoint by hand. SnapAI takes this advancement even further by adding intelligence to vector takeoff by predicting what the estimator will do next and enabling point, logical line and polyline selection for maximum flexibility.

SnapAI enhances eTakeoff Dimension, an award-winning electronic takeoff solution. In SnapAI, the industry finally has a solution that delivers faster and more accurate estimates.

Product Highlights
  • AI capabilities “predict” what estimator will do next
  • Creates faster and more accurate takeoffs
  • Allows switching takeoff modes during a measurement, eliminating the need to start over if underlying vector data is incomplete
  • Quickly traces building components by  recognizing logical connecting lines

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