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Company Highlights
  • Over 14 years of experience
  • Fully automated reports, including print and electronic certified payroll formats
  • In-house, never outsourced support

Payroll4Construction.com wants you to know that payroll services specifically for construction do exist. They know this because, well, they are one.

For the past 14 years, Payroll4Construction.com has focused exclusively on construction payroll. And over that time, they’ve seen all the nuances of construction payroll and are here take the pain out of your payroll processing.

Unlike the big, well-known payroll companies, Payroll4Construction.com can easily process multiple states, rates and trades on a single timecard, making entry for every employee a simple process—no more juggling between multiple screens and timecards to process a single payroll. Just enter the information for each employee, submit it and your employees get paid in addition to your taxes being filed. 

But while most payroll services end after employees are paid, that’s where Payroll4Construction.com separates itself. Payroll4Construction.com understands that this is only the first step—you still need your reports. 
From EEO to new hire to job costing to certified payroll—including dozens of pre-formatted print and electronic versions available for whatever agency you’re reporting to—Payroll4Construction.com offers fully automated and free construction reports, complete with all the data you need to close out each week’s payroll. With only a few clicks after each payroll, your reporting is done.

Whether you process your payroll in-house or outsource to another payroll service, Payroll4Construction.com has the tools to simplify your payroll—saving you time and money. See what a payroll service just for construction can do to help you by visiting Payroll4construction.com.


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