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As the new year approaches, Foundation Software is helping to keep contractors working, no matter what the next year brings.

FOUNDATION® construction accounting software keeps contractors, and their jobs, moving by giving them complete control of their data, even if a quarantine forces their office to close. With FOUNDATION, contractors and office staff can stay on top of their accounting data from anywhere since it’s all stored on the cloud. All they need is an Internet-ready device and they’re able to enter invoices, run reports—including both print and electronic certified payroll formats—and process payroll through FOUNDATION’s powerful accounting modules. Whether in the field or on vacation, FOUNDATION makes it so contractors have the data they need.

With FOUNDATION, contractors can stay focused on the job. They don’t have to worry about buying or maintaining expensive equipment to house their data since it’s all stored on Foundation’s secure servers. For contractors, this means security and peace of mind from being hacked or having critical financial details stolen. Since their data is protected by Foundation’s team of experts, contractors can get back to doing what they do best—completing their jobs—without also having to be an IT security expert. 

Lastly, FOUNDATION makes your data work for you by keeping information flowing from field to office. With mobile options to clock-in/clock-out, track equipment, enter job notes, and more, field and office staff can share data more accurately—and freely—than ever.

See how FOUNDATION keeps your office working.

Product Highlights
  • 35 years of experience
  • Sync data from the field to the office
  • Accessible from any Internet-ready device
  • Dozens of reports, including print and electronic certified payroll

See how FOUNDATION works for you


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