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CMiC Field manages all aspects of a construction firm’s project delivery operations. Specifically, Field allows a company to seamlessly collaborate with all project stakeholders, control changes, manage the supply chain of subcontractors and material suppliers, simplify the bid process and manage documents. In addition, Field optimizes forecasting and resource planning with its financial underpinnings, providing verified costs for every transaction source. Using Field, firms complete complex projects with tightly managed costs and timeframes—on spec, on time and on budget.

CMiC Field doesn’t simply enable a construction team to work efficiently in the field; it sets the stage for future growth—at little to no added overhead cost—by seamlessly integrating with planning and financial systems. Field captures and organizes data from every jobsite in a consistent way, allowing a company’s leadership to draw richer insights from all data—in real time.

Collaborative Management. With Field, construction firms proactively manage and guide all communications with vendors during the bid process; track and create unlimited meeting minutes; record and monitor all project-related communications; receive proactive alerts based on actionable items; perform ad hoc information requests; and control the flow of communication among all project stakeholders.

Site Management. With Field, users enter critical information from the jobsite in real time, ensuring that project executives always have access to up-to-date snapshots of where a project is and where it’s headed. Because Field is built on a Single Database Platform™, information entered from jobsites is accessible from the corporate office, eliminating the need for duplicative data entry.

Communications Management. Tracking all the communications associated with a project can be daunting. The larger the project, the more parties are involved, leading to a greater volume of communications. Because construction projects are time-sensitive, teams need to base decisions on the most up-to-date information and ensure that it is shared on a real-time basis with all parties affected. Field leverages a single database to seamlessly track, organize and share information to empower teams with the most actionable insights possible.

Document Management. Field gives users complete control of the design execution lifecycle by facilitating the exchange of communications, drawings and other assets throughout the design and approval process. Field also makes it easier for teams to manage the project closeout documents that smooth out the transition to the next project. Teams maintain all versions of revised documents, including CAD files, photos and Microsoft Office documents; detect project anomalies early enough to implement course corrections; and track bonding, lien waiver and other user-defined requirements.

CMiC Field is available as a standalone suite and includes everything a construction firm needs for project management; project controls; drawing and content management; document control; enterprise and resource planning; and applications for mobile devices. The advantage: construction firms of all sizes—and small firms in particular—can now replace spreadsheets and basic project management tools with more robust field management software. Importantly, Field can be deployed inside 30-45 days as part of a multi-tenant Cloud environment (SaaS).

Product Highlights
  • Project Management orchestrates field communications and subcontractors.
  • Project Controls maximizes job profitability by optimizing project budgets.
  • Enterprise Content Management controls workflows and content assets.
  • Enterprise Planning optimizes resources, schedules, opportunities and forecasts.
  • Mobile Applications streamline data collection, workflows and reporting.

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