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Cupix, the provider of the machine-vision powered software platform for producing spatially accurate 3D digital twins using only 360° photographs, announces the latest version of its CupixWorks software platform. New virtual collaboration tools for the AEC market enable AEC professionals to capture, document and share all kinds of information related to the built world lifecycle through a single platform, reducing costly site visits while responding to the industry’s need for better virtual collaboration tools.


This new release makes the CupixWorks platform the go-to solution for AEC professionals, offering the realization of virtual site tours created from spherical imagery that is captured with the Cupix software app in combination with a 360° camera. Accessed through the CupixWorks software platform, these tours provide a 3D reference for RFIs and solving jobsite issues among different stakeholders. Additional integration with third-party BIM software tools makes it easy to bring in drawings, data and other documents into the CupixWorks platform in a single workflow.

Bringing 3D digital twin collaboration features into the hands of AEC professionals

Engineered together with dozens of AEC professionals and partners, including general contractors, architecture firms, facility security management companies, reality capture service providers and 360° camera makers, CupixWorks is able to meet and surpass market expectations. For example, one major differentiation factor is CupixWorks’ 3D digital twin platform capability, which enables point-cloud-less dimension measurement, reverse 3D skeleton modeling and quasi-6 DOF navigation. Inside these 3D virtual models, AEC professionals can make 3D annotations using 3D coordinates, perform live BIM comparisons and object overlays. This greatly enhances current BIM workflows as there is no need to do data transfers or switch between different applications, as this capability is supported within the CupixWorks platform.


Cupix has also introduced a feature that allows point clouds captured from other reality capture devices to be overlaid on the panoramic view. This hybrid feature shines when traditional reality capture methods can be included to support the 360° imagery captured by CupixWorks. Users can capture large areas quickly with the 360° camera, then add detail from traditional scanners where there is more complex geometry or strict accuracy requirements. When both datasets are mapped together, it can create a more complete version of the as-built conditions that are both comprehensive in scope and detailed where it is most important.

Furthermore, CupixWorks’ SiteView enables accessing virtual jobsite and supports collaboration workflows through customizable annotation tools, multiviews that which show progression over time and free-hand image markups. The platform is enterprise-adoption ready, offering enterprise-grade user and group account management, as well as advanced project template management and integration with Autodesk BIM 360 Document Management—a big time-saver for existing AEC workflows. 

A need for de-densifying the jobsite

The latest release of CupixWorks’ AEC collaboration tools comes at a critical time for the AEC market.

“While virtual collaboration tools have quickly become the new standard among AEC professionals, COVID-19 has forced them to optimize workflows and make better use of resources wherever possible.” says Simon Bae, CEO at Cupix. “This means overall time onsite needs to be as short as possible for everyone while optimizing the data capture process. Not only does CupixWorks enable ‘“de-densifying the jobsite’” by creating virtual jobsite environments that can be accessed from the office, it provides all stakeholders with the information they need to work remotely and maintain social distancing.”

Early users have found CupixWorks especially helpful during these challenging times.

“CupixWorks has a slew of unique functionalities from which AEC firms can immediately benefit. In particular, it can facilitate “de-densifying jobsites” and help us work remotely, which is the new normalcy in the era of COVID-19,” said Shane Flanagan, senior project manager at DOME Construction. 

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