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Company Highlights
  • Thousands of construction projects —worth more than $120 billion—are managed with CMiC every year
  • 12% of total construction dollars in North America run through CMiC
  • After launching its cloud suite five years ago, CMiC has expanded in the SMB market to more than 325 customers
  • For three years running CMiC has been recognized as One of Canada’s Best Managed Companies by Deloitte

In construction, the widespread use of spreadsheets and point solutions to enable different functions—such as accounting and project management—creates obstacles to effective collaboration between teams involved in a project. CMiC, which serves customers throughout North America and overseas, delivers a true “enterprise” view of a company’s finances, human capital, equipment and operations (projects). The company delivers a purpose-built platform—sitting on top of a single database—to orchestrate all facets of a construction business. 

“CMiC offers a single source of truth, enabling companies to easily access all information pertaining to any project, from planning and execution to closeout,” says Gord Rawlins, president and CEO of CMiC.

In business for over 40 years, CMiC is the only software provider in the industry that offers a comprehensive software suite of construction management capabilities created through its own development efforts. Most other vendors in the industry offer only a fraction of the functionality. For a single version of truth and a seamless user experience across the enterprise, construction firms turn to CMiC.

With a laser beam focus on driving productivity and operational efficiency, CMiC has two distinct models to onboard customers. The first model is a streamlined, lean implementation. Customers deploy construction best practices, using applications that are already preconfigured, allowing them to be up and running inside 30 days. The second model is designed for customers that wish to deploy the full platform as part of a single implementation effort, including detailed process mapping and workflow customizations. This model is typically chosen by large enterprises. With the second model, implementations can take anywhere from 6-18 months, depending on the complexity of the organization and the level of customizations required.

Since its founding in 1974, CMiC has traveled a long journey, from a custom software development shop to one of the leading companies offering ERP and field solutions for construction. With a dominant position in the enterprise segment—and an acceleration of new customer acquisitions in the SMB segment, the company is now expanding beyond North America and establishing a “beachhead” in the Middle East, starting with a multimillion-dollar contract with a major construction firm based in Dubai, U.A.E. To further support its international expansion, CMiC is incorporating multi-language capabilities and enhancing functionality to handle multi-currency environments and the financial reporting standards of different jurisdictions around the world.

With a greatly enhanced user experience across the entire suite of applications, a web-based architecture and a Cloud delivery model, CMiC’s platform has become the preferred solution for firms with remote employees who need to maintain their productivity and their access to mission-critical systems and data, especially as the COVID-19 crisis has led to strict social distancing and shelter-in-place protocols.

“We bring with our platform the best-of-breed solutions for most of our customers’ construction needs, with the added benefit of seamless integration and 100% remote access, making our offering one-of-a-kind in the construction arena,” Rawlins says.
The Future of Project Management

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