Construction Executive's 2022 The Top 50 Construction Law Firms

Methodology for The Top 50 Construction Law Firms
CE developed The Top 50 Construction Law Firms™ ranking by asking more than 600 U.S. construction law firms to complete a survey. The data collected included: 1) 2021 revenues from the firm’s construction practice; 2) number of attorneys in the firm’s construction practice; 3) percentage of firm’s total revenues derived from its construction practice; 4) number of states in which the firm is licensed to practice; 5) year in which the construction practice was established; and 6) number of construction industry clients served during fiscal year 2021. The ranking was determined by an algorithm that weighted the aforementioned factors in descending order of importance. For more information, contact

Areas of Practice Key: Contract Documents (CD), COVID-19 Consulting (CV), Construction Defects (DF), Construction Dispute Resolution (DR), Construction Transactions (CT), Government Contracts (GC), International Construction (IC), Labor and Employment (LE), Mergers and Acquisitions (MA), Public-Private Partnerships (P3), Surety Bonding (SB).

*Number of states where the firm is licensed to practice law, including Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Marianas Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands.