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Garbage disposal in smaller homes is relatively easy: take the trash out by hand and dump it in the common dumpster in the vicinity. But is it equally simple in high-rise buildings where people together produce tons of waste every day and can’t manage to take trash all the way down to a receptacle? For such structures, it is essential to have a proper garbage disposal facility in place.

Having a centralized trash chute in high-rise buildings and buildings taller than the average has a lot of benefits. But before we get on to that, let’s understand what a garbage chute is: A garbage chute is a long vertical dumpster or bin in buildings that passes by each floor and has openings on each or alternate floors. Openings are located in a separate space or a small room inside the building and are covered with lids. The garbage dumped in the chute collects at the bottom in a dumpster or a compactor.

Benefits of Garbage Chute

Improved Sanitation

The most challenging part of garbage disposal is the time after the residents dump waste and before the trash and recycling companies collect it. During this time, accumulated trash can attract insects, rodents, and other pests and spread diseases. This is the reason dealing with garbage requires taking a lot of safety measures. It is wise to install garbage chutes in apartment buildings. Here are a few of its benefits.

  • Maintain a safe distance from the trash at all times.
  • Creating cleaner surroundings and air.
  • Preventing foul odor in the corridors.
  • Avoiding pests and insects.

Easy Disposal of Trash

No one likes taking trash all the way out of the building to dump it. People simply want to take garbage out of their apartments, and garbage chutes have certainly made their lives easy—carry the trash to the chute, open the lid and dump it.

Residents today consider convenient garbage disposal an important criterion for picking an apartment, which is why all contractors and builders are switching to apartment chutes.

Better Organization of Waste

Collecting and sorting trash can be an overwhelming task, especially in high-rise buildings or buildings that have more than six or seven floors. Owners and management staff appoint workers to collect trash from outside of apartments and sorting it before dumping it. This means additional costs and a lot of time. And that’s not all: transporting pounds and pounds of trash from the premises to a single area is another tedious and risky task.

By installing garbage chutes, the need for all of this can be eliminated since they allow excellent organization of trash. Many developers and owners consider it critical to have a separate garbage chute for recyclable trash so there’s no time and effort wasted in sorting the trash. It allows moving the trash easily from a chute to a roll-off container then to the site for recycling.

New developments and condo buildings are inclined toward using a more sophisticated trash chute system that accommodates the sorting of trash, recyclable material and organics. The residents can identify their disposal items before placing them in the chute, which then directs the items to one of the containers at the bottom.

Contractors, owners and developers can step up their game by getting in touch with waste and recycling companies that manage massive amounts of trash collected effectively.


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