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Now that we are a year out from the 2024 election, it’s a good time to reflect on what issues affecting the construction industry might be on the ballot. Given all the recent events, and for my own sanity, I had to fast-forward to a future for which I could vote.

Nothing good will happen if we don’t have the right leadership in the White House. We need leadership, especially at the executive level! We need teamwork! We need to focus on a common list of successes for America! We need leadership to think win-win! Our government must create the conditions for all of us to achieve our goals, not collapse into a world-class dysfunctional entity. Why settle for less? This is America!

We need leadership in the White House who will agree that workers deserve to have the freedom to choose how, where and with whom they want to work. Taking away the right to choose how to pursue your career dream is taking away the right and the desire to pursue happiness and prosperity.
We need leadership in the White House who will give the great companies of this country an opportunity to be economically sustainable, innovative and create awesome jobs. In our industry, that means:

  • rule of law that is merit-based and fairly enforced;
  • an efficient, effective and reliable supply chain;
  • an abundant workforce who can choose where they work based on the most robust employee value proposition;
  • a worker visa based on market employment demands that addresses our 550,000-worker shortage; and
  • fair and open competition that stimulates innovation.

Here is the good news: We have bills in Congress that, if passed into law, would address all these issues affecting our construction industry. Why haven’t they been passed? you ask.

We need leadership in the White House! 


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