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Flooring choice can make or break a commercial project, especially since so many factors—such as budget, color, pattern and maintenance—are involved. But there’s one solution that can deliver on all fronts: commercial LVT. This cost-effective, resilient flooring choice can be used in a wide variety of applications and industries, which makes it incredibly versatile. Let’s explore the most common commercial applications.

1. Multi-Family Homes

Practical and elegant yet extremely durable, LVT is an ideal choice for all types of multi-family homes. This includes senior living communities, townhomes, manufactured housing, apartments and condos. It’s also great for any type of rental or investment property. LVT is an affordable solution that allows designers to mix and match colors and textures to achieve any type of desired aesthetic.

2. Corporate Offices

For anyone looking to create a lasting impression in the office, LVT offers solutions that are not only eye-catching but also durable and built to last. Plus, LVT complements all types of company brands, logos and colors. LVT is also an economical choice if designers and contractors want to add high-end luxury look to certain office spaces, such as in a lobby or common area.

3. Health Care

LVT is a great fit for hospitals, labs, rehab facilities, dentists’ and doctors’ offices, clinics, and more. In an industry where every physical aspect must be mindfully selected for utility and aesthetics, the right health care flooring is essential. Waiting rooms and lobbies should make visitors feel comfortable, and since LVT comes in a variety of colors, tones and textures, selecting the right ones can help reduce the stress of long hours and sometimes difficult circumstances. Health care flooring must also be easy to clean, require minimal maintenance and stand up to heavy foot traffic. LVT checks all the boxes.

4. Education

Since LVT comes in a variety of colors, textures, species and design styles, it’s the perfect match for educational logos or school branding. LVT will also easily stand up to heavy foot traffic, sliding chairs, moveable desks and all types of spills. Use this type of flooring for any type of highly-trafficked area, including college lobbies, classrooms, student centers, private schools and daycares.

5. Retail Spaces

Retail flooring requires not only a great design, but also flexible options that provide durability and continual comfort so that customers can shop with ease. Flooring should complement the retail design aesthetic but be resilient enough to prevent splitting, cracking or other unwanted marks or scuffs. LVT requires minimal maintenance and does not need to be professionally cleaned every night like some other flooring solutions. Use LVT to add style, value and sophistication to supermarkets, department stores and shopping centers.

6. Hospitality

Hospitality flooring—whether it’s a restaurant, coffee shop, bar or hotel—requires the right combination of comfort, cleanliness and style. Create a sophisticated flooring look with LVT that’s also easy to clean, which is especially important in hospitality environments that are prone to spills and messes.

7. Government Buildings and Facilities

Government buildings and public spaces are typically well-trafficked, which means a sturdy and easy-to-maintain flooring solution is important—but it also needs to deliver a beautiful, functional design. Some of the older, more traditional government spaces feature stone or marble flooring, which can be expensive to install and maintain. LVT comes in an assortment of cost-effective colors, textures and styles, which makes customizing the look and feel of any space easy to do without going over budget. Choose LVT for any type of government-funded space, including local buildings, museums, fire and police stations, post offices, airports and libraries.

8. Recreation and Fitness

LVT is a smart solution for all types of sports and recreation areas, such as yoga and dance studios, athletic clubs and personal training and aerobic facilities. Though fitness flooring sees a lot of use, minimal maintenance and cleaning translate to a greater value over time, which results in costs savings.

9. Wall Coverings

LVT isn’t just for floors—if it’s Class A fire rated, designers and architects can use LVT for wall applications in interior commercial spaces, serving as a backdrop for other types of décor and furnishings like digital signage or company branding. Choose a striking wood aesthetic for a coffee shop or select two coordinating LVT designs laid out in a herringbone pattern for the feature wall of a hotel lobby. The design possibilities are endless.

From hotels and hospitals to fitness studios and hotel lobbies, LVT is a versatile, affordable, dependable flooring product that can add style and sophistication to just about every type of commercial project.


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