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Mobile technology is revolutionizing the way the construction industry gets the job done. Today, with smartphone technology enabling real-time, deep-dive communication between office, warehouse and jobsites, contractors can more efficiently manage projects and keep them moving with minimal delays or down time on either end. And, with more than 85% of Americans now routinely using smartphones or tablets for communication, entertainment and business, the construction industry’s long-standing technology aversion is rapidly disappearing.

Real-time, real-world benefits

A smartphone ’s standard features like texting, email and camera have become familiar tools for most users. For construction workers, there are powerful, specialized apps developed specifically for the construction industry to facilitate visibility into field operations and collaboration among stakeholders enterprise-wide, across office, field and warehouse. From change orders to inventory tracking, when field, warehouse and office have access to the same information at the same time, errors decline and problem-solving improves.

Flexible leadership

Mobile technology gives managers easy access to any and all data about a project at any time, from wherever they might be. With system-wide access to information at their fingertips, managers can make strategic decisions from the field, or think on their feet from the office when a crisis arises in the field. When the field and the office can view a jobsite issue together in real time, office leadership can often avoid having to drop everything to travel to the field but can assess and resolve a developing situation as transmitted by a field manager’s smartphone or tablet.

Optimized tool management

Mobile technology helps construction companies manage tools, equipment, materials and consumables across the entire enterprise. Getting the right tools on time, on site and in working order is mission-critical, and when jobsite requirements change, mobile field requisition functionality keeps field and office informed using real-time notifications at every step along the way. Managers can review a request anytime, anywhere, and field teams can easily request tools from the warehouse immediately when the need arises.

Better recordkeeping and improved data accuracy

With real-time data available in one centralized source, the back office team can create detailed invoices and financial reports in seconds. Automated real-time data collection and transmission between the jobsite and project managers back at the office is more efficient and more accurate than manual data entry because photos, signatures, time stamps, GPS coordinates and other data can be collected along with numeric or catalog listings. And with sophisticated searching and sorting functionality, the centralized system makes important documents quickly accessible. No more manually shuffling through dusty old files looking for an ancient report or invoice.

Employee satisfaction

Technology-savvy employees don’t want to spend their time on tedious manual tasks like data entry, and with mobile access they don’t have to—the app automatically captures, categorizes and records all transactions in an instant. The result is a streamlined, hands-off process that lets employees focus on the jobs they are trained for and ultimately makes for improved communication and better relationships throughout the company.

Taken together, the limitless features and functions of today’s mobile operations management platforms have become as critical to a construction company’s efficiency and profitability as any of its tools, equipment and other tangible assets. Considering the amazing improvements it delivers, mobile technology is something no construction company can afford to be without.


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