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While the construction industry is booming, margins are thin due to increased materials costs and a national labor shortage. Contractors are hungry for solutions to streamline operations and manage a complex catalog of assets. The solution may be right under their noses. 

Bluetooth-enabled smart sensors paired with telematics devices can help contractors work more efficiently amid tight margins and project deadlines. Contractors can use these small devices to manage a wide variety of assets, from service vehicles to high-value equipment, ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget.

Simplify inventory and workforce management to maximize revenue

Gone are the headaches associated with tracking heavy equipment and smaller yet important assets across multiple locations. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) smart sensor tags adhere to any smaller-set asset and then pair with a telematics device installed on a vehicle. When the pairing breaks between the telematics device and a smart tag-enabled asset, such as a power tool, portable generator or ladder, the fleet manager or driver will be notified instantly, allowing them to retrieve the asset and keep it with the vehicle. 

With an eagle-eye view of operations, contractors and operations managers can reduce time spent retrieving assets as well as prevent the unauthorized use of equipment. Pickup and drop-off notifications, towing alerts and after-hour ignition alerts connect contractors with asset activities--even when they’re not on site. Access to engine hours and AEMP data points make scheduling maintenance more efficient and can reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and equipment failures that could adversely affect time-sensitive projects.

easy Asset and vehicle management

BLE and telematics device integration not only enables easy management of high-value equipment but allows construction and rental equipment operators to track vehicle usage and driver behavior. The telematics device installed in the vehicle makes maintenance a snap by ensuring upkeep is scheduled more efficiently so the vehicle lasts longer. This type of technology integration simplifies asset inventory management and allows project managers to analyze data from their vehicles and drivers all from the same application. 

Protect asset investment

With advances in location monitoring via GPS with GIS overlays that work with geofencing, contractors can proactively manage and better protect assets across large and multiple jobsites as well as be alerted to activity in unauthorized locations. Managers can reduce the risk of misplaced or lost equipment by pairing them with vehicles and the operators that drive them. This reduces the need to spend time searching or purchasing duplicate materials and, most importantly, ensures workers have access to the right equipment on the right vehicle at the right time.

Insights for developing robust applications

Another benefit of Bluetooth-enabled smart tags and telematics devices is a better understanding of heavy equipment and general asset use for project planning and job costing. 

Sophisticated trend analysis enables key insights into operations, equipment maintenance, resource allocation and project management by providing decision-making information for more efficient construction jobs. Integrating this data from the telematics cloud platform with back office systems, such as accounting and finance, streamlines the management of the total cost of ownership and their warranties. Knowing the utilization and maintenance metrics also helps better determine an asset’s value for insurance or resale purposes. The result of this analysis empowers managers to make changes to asset allocation and fleet size that result in efficient utilization, loss prevention and reduced disruptions.

Low-cost Bluetooth-enabled smart sensors paired with telematics devices not only connect assets to the cloud but also create a more productive construction ecosystem for project managers and their mobile workforce. By improving project management across the board, from asset utilization and preventative maintenance to controlling access to high-value equipment, contractors can better manage and react to the uncertainty that is always part of the job. Smart sensors combined with a telematics solution are an efficient way to connect vehicles, heavy equipment and other important assets with the onsite workforce to meet project deadlines, reduce costs and maximize profit. 


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