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Safety Reports’ new app for Apple® and Android™ is preloaded with dozens of Toolbox Talks from OSHA and the Center for Construction Research and Training. Users can import additional training documents, schedule trainings and track/confirm employee attendance. 

Raken mobile apps upgrades feature improved weather, calendar, work log and time cards creation and editing; hourly breakdown of weather conditions; history and two-week look-aheads for each jobsite; and progress auto-saving daily reports. 


FLIR Systems’ T1010 HD thermal imaging cameras have software upgrades for HD resolution, precision HDIR lenses, proprietary image processing solutions and an ergonomic design so users find problem areas faster, gather detailed, accurate temperature information and streamline their workday. The T1010 uses high-fidelity OSX™ Precision HDIR optics, which works with HD detectors for greater image clarity and measurement accuracy.

Skycatch and Swift teamed on the Skycatch High Precision Package, an end-to-end solution including an autonomous high-precision drone manufactured by DJI, GNSS intelligent base station and unlimited automated cloud processing that generates maps and 3D models to improve project efficiency.

Trimble® FieldMaster Logs now has Tap & Go technology, enabling drivers to log in on existing ELDs with a tap of a keychain, sticker or ID card. The Tap & Go technology is based on Near Field Communication (NFC) and comes as a low-cost compatible card or sticker that can be purchased from a variety of approved sources.  Drivers can initialize Tap & Go and start using it immediately.

Software & in the Cloud

IrisVR’s native Beta integration between Prospect and Autodesk Navisworks takes 3D model into VR with one click. Construction and engineering teams can perform visual clash detection and evaluate complex systems, review models with accurate spatial relationships and true-to-scale layouts, coordinate trades in 1:1 scale across the project, collect feedback from construction and operations staff and improve collaboration and communication among teams.

Microspace Communications’ CellCast 4G wireless internet service includes all necessary hardware, wireless data plan and 24/7/365 monitoring. CellCast is offered on a month to month basis with real-time status and health reporting. Each device can also be remotely accessed for security and firmware updates.

Viewpoint’s (a Trimble Company) ViewpointOne™ combines its ERP offerings with its Team and Field products for increasing functionality and scalability of a contractor’s software investment by allowing contractors to build individualized software bundles. As part of the ViewpointOne suite, Viewpoint is also introducing three fully-integrated cloud products from recently-acquired Keystyle Data Solutions for Vista customers: Keystyle HR Management for HR teams; Keystyle Financial Controls; and Keystyle Field Management.

GenieBelt and UNLIMITED X, the innovation lab of materials provider REHAU Group, are collaborating to offer REHAU customers a project management portal powered by GenieBelt, which will allow contractors to monitor the status of a construction in real time and to communicate with all subcontractors and stakeholders with one click from any device. 

Partnerships & Acquisitions

Rhumbix mobile platform has closed an $8 million round of funding led by Autodesk. Rhumbix modernizes construction field operations, helping builders go paperless in the field and improving how they measure and manage labor productivity. The Rhumbix mobile app digitizes and standardizes field data related to time and attendance, production tracking and benchmarking, daily reporting, field work orders, QA/QC inspections and health and safety reporting. 

Video & Cool Stuff

According to Triax Technologies, in the last 12-18 months, there has been a major initiative to bring digitization to construction with a surge in start-up technology firms, financial investment and a growing commitment of industry leaders to develop and embrace new technologies. Initiatives include:

  • New professional roles to fast-track technology and leverage data. New IoT technologies are automatically collecting data from workers, equipment and tools across project sites. Industry-wide, construction companies are prioritizing innovation and developing formal frameworks, and employee rewards programs, for identifying, proposing and evaluating cutting-edge technologies. 
  • Growing sector investment. Ten billion dollars have been invested in construction technology from 2011 through early 2017; 2018 investment has already reached $1.38 billion, accelerating digital adoption by enabling start-ups and emerging companies to develop scalable, construction-specific technologies, and prompting established companies to partner with these firms to create greater value for their customers.
  • Expanding educational programs. Universities are offering expanded construction management programs that incorporate new technologies and hands-on experience. Keene State College in New Hampshire, for example, is offering a construction safety sciences degree program. To address the skilled labor shortage, institutions, industry associations and construction companies are teaming up to expand workforce training and development programs.

SangHyun Lee, an associate professor in the University of Michigan's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, says wearable sensors can improve construction worker safety and reduce costs through better data on worker health. Lee said wearables can monitor the physical and mental stress of workers so problems can be understood and fixed. Wearables, like a wristband, can be worn without interfering in that work while continuously sending back data. Adding sensing technology could lower insurance premiums if companies engage in activity aimed at reducing workplace injuries and accidents. Lee’s research applies advanced signal processing and machine learning techniques to derive useful information from wearables, identifying stress, physical demands, risk perception level and other factors. Sensors track heart rate, skin temperature and electrical activity on the skin.

Oracle Construction and Engineering‘s Innovation Lab in Deerfield, Ill., a unique facility designed to accelerate efforts to help project- and asset-intensive organizations explore the latest technologies and drive digital transformation, enables visitors to interact with leading-edge solutions, including connected devices, autonomous vehicles, drones, augmented reality, visualization and artificial intelligence tools. Technology participants include: Assemble Systems, Bosch, DAQRI, HERE, Jovix, Reconstruct and Triax. The Lab will feature a demonstration of Oracle Live Experience Cloud, showcasing modern engagement for cross-worksite experiences.


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