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Genda’s IOT device network collects project field data, tracking work performed, manager inspections, safety hazards and progress roadblocks for an understanding of where time and resources are wasted and how to eliminate it. Construction managers can receive real-time, location-based notifications on punch lists, inspection logs, suggestions, hazards and completed unscheduled work. Genda automates daily reports and integrates project information with time spent for reliable production rates. Real-time, location-based alerts notify workers of on-site safety hazards


Nexii Building Solutions designs and manufactures high-performance buildings and green building products that are sustainable, cost-efficient and resilient. Nexii Panels are made of Nexiite, a high-performance material that is strong, lightweight, low-carbon, and fire and water resistant. The Nexii System reduces construction timelines for industrial/commercial/institutional, mixed-use, multi-family residential and single-family homes, and the green retrofit market. Buildings can be assembled on-site in as little as six days with Nexii’s low-carbon, zero-waste approach. Nexii just acquired Omicron Canada, an integrated development services, design and construction firm.

Software & In the Cloud

Autodesk Tandem cloud-based digital twin platform can gather information about a building, its systems and critical equipment in tabular and 3D representations so building operators and facilities managers can respond to operational and maintenance issues. 

Trimble® Quadri BIM collaboration software is now available in North America. Quadri provides a common data environment for 3D project models for collaboration among planners, designers, construction teams and project owners working on roads, bridges and railways. Users have access to utility and construction information and can organize group and control data sets within a single model or project. At the center of the integrated common data model is the digital twin, or virtual model, where users can view, manipulate and test an as-built representation of the project for "Internet of Things" integration. 

Quartz product updates, work progress tracking and concrete deck scanning for element verification, include capabilities to automatically track work progress and accuracy improvements to concrete deck analysis with sub-1 inch accuracy. Quartz’s Concrete Deck Analysis eliminates rework and expedites concrete pours with scanning capabilities that recognizes missing elements before the pour. It uses 4K cameras and software analytics to build a deck verification overview, so team members can view and address issues.

With ProNovos construction intelligence cloud, contractors can connect field and office teams, integrating and automating reports and dashboards to streamline reporting and data entry. Field teams can record and share photos, drawings, submittals, daily reports, RFIs, crew and equipment resources and more. Office teams can track key data on bids, resources, equipment and schedules and view accounting and project data in analytics and project management dashboards.

Procore’s ERP Connector platform connects any accounting system or ERP solution to Procore Financials for real-time insight into a project’s finances across its lifecycle. 

Partnerships, Acquisitions & Integrations

Trimble and Boston Dynamics have integrated Spot with Trimble's X7 3D laser scanners and FieldLink software. Using FieldLink, contractors can operate Spot, the X7 3D laser scanner, GNSS smart antennas and robotic total stations with one integrated tablet controller to define the robot's missions and perform in-field analysis of data. With the Trimble X7 scanner attached as a payload to Spot and FieldLink software to operate the system, laser scans can be tied to a project coordinate system and individual scan stations collected, then registered into a composite point cloud on the tablet controller in real-time before leaving the site. 

Video & Cool Stuff

Speaking of robots, every construction site needs Heineken’s autonomous robotic cooler. The beer outdoor transporter carries ice and beverages and can follow the user or be remotely controlled via an app. Piaggio Fast Forward’s Gita robotic vehicle carries up to 40 pounds of cargo at up to 6 mph. 

Verizon has formed Robotics Business Technology. Expanding enterprise solutions for aerial and ground robotics, Robotics Business Technology includes Skyward, incubed IT, a software developer for autonomous mobile robots recently acquired by Verizon, and a team focused on automating command and control of robots on Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network. As a part of New Business Incubation at Verizon, the unit will focus on integrated solutions that incorporate Verizon’s 5G and mobile edge compute capabilities to help enterprise customers deploy, manage and scale mixed fleets of aerial and ground robotics. 


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