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Given the present construction climate as a result of COVID-19, construction management companies are taking several precautionary steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees and all workers on jobsites. Though construction continues in many places, the industry also must consider philanthropic commitments at this time, and how construction organizations can assist the greater community.

Callahan Construction Managers, a full-service construction management company headquartered in Bridgewater, Mass., continues construction in Massachusetts at most jobsites. The company has implemented several practices to increase worker hygiene and foster a healthy work environment. One such practice was the construction of hand washing stations at all sites—at which time the company recognized the need for a scarce commodity: soap.

To solve for limited supplies available for purchase, Callahan’s safety team made 125 gallons of sanitizing soap to be distributed across all jobsites. As the company considered the need for employees and subcontractors on site, they also recognized that companies still at work in other industries required the same resources. A donation of 10 gallons was made to the South Shore Fire EMS in Bridgewater—for distribution to local first responders.

Callahan has committed to the continued donation of soap to local first responders each time they produce a new batch.

“While this innovative approach is unique, there are additional opportunities for all construction companies to lend a hand. One simple method is through the donation of personal protective equipment, which can provide medical personnel with much-needed supplies,” says Steve Callahan, Jr., vice president of business development. “As construction is an industry that in many places can continue to operate, monetary gifts to medical facilities is another way to give back.”

Callahan has a longstanding relationship with the Cambridge Health Alliance, an academic community health care system that manages hospitals around Massachusetts. Through this partnership, Callahan has donated 144 pairs of glasses, 500 pairs of nitrile gloves and shoe covers, along with a monetary donation.

While current philanthropic efforts come at a cost to Callahan, the company is committed to the health and safety of employees, subcontractors and the first responders involved in the current crisis.

“We work on sites with a number of different clients, and Callahan’s team has taken a proactive, safe stance to protect everyone,” says one of the company’s subcontractors. “While this has likely been a drain on Callahan’s time and resources, it certainly helps us all in many ways, as we have other sites where our employees won’t work because they don’t feel safe. Thank you for your efforts–everyone here appreciates it.”

A people-focused attitude builds loyalty for the future.

“The construction industry should think not of the short-term financial impacts that come with philanthropic endeavors at this time; rather, they should consider the long-term benefits of relationship building that come from strengthened subcontractor and community relations,” Callahan says.

“As a part of the commercial real estate industry, construction influences all communities. Contractors should give back if they can.”

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