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The construction industry is no stranger to new technologies or innovation, and it regularly maneuvers complex and ever-changing environments. But despite the slow but steady digitization of the industry, according to the McKinsey Global Institute, construction still falls behind only agriculture and hunting when it comes to its ability to successfully adopt new technology. As an industry that has been wholly impacted by the pandemic, while consumer demand has grown, supply chain bottlenecks plus worker recruitment and retention issues have made it even more important for the industry to quickly accelerate the adoption of digital technologies.

When the pandemic hit, essential businesses, like those in the construction industry, needed to find ways to communicate safely and across disparate teams while still proceeding with work. Those that were able to eliminate silos and establish a single source of truth came out on top. Procore faced similar challenges to making sure it was able to connect with vendors and partners in one place.

That’s why Procore leveraged collaboration software tools, such as Slack, to streamline workstreams and connect vendors and partners in one place, effectively speeding up operations. Specifically, Procore uses these collaboration tools to accelerate collaboration, seamlessly onboard partners and deliver feedback and information faster than ever before. Partnerships that used to take months to ramp up now only take weeks, and notes that were previously written on paper are now sent immediately in shared communication channels.

“Having a single source of truth, a digital-HQ if you will, where all of our teammates and partners working across different time zones can come together and collaborate in real time, has been a real game changer for us,” says Danny Seigle, vice president of business development and marketplace at Procore. “Speed to market for partnerships has greatly increased and, on top of that, we are able to get more work done to meet demand.”

Procore’s App Marketplace has over 300 partner solutions that integrate with the platform, providing construction leaders the freedom to connect with what works best for them. Procore pivoted to collaboration tools to stay in lock step with partners, enabling teams to reduce context switching between forms of communication by consolidating all conversations into one place.

“[Collaboration tools have] increased the speed at which we work and our capacity that our teams have to get more work done by streamlining communication and making sure everyone has visibility and access to notes and updates," Lengieza says. "Everyone is now in one place. This is a solution for us.”


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