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Construction project managers can make a huge difference to the success of a project. Best-case scenario, a project manager:

  • Acts as a liaison between the owner/consultant and the contractor;
  • Coordinates subcontractor and supplier work;
  • Maintains project schedule and budget;
  • Maintains project documents; and
  • Generates opportunities to minimize risk and elevate profitability.

In addition to all of the above, the project manager is tasked with handling curveballs like surprise site conditions as they become apparent. In reality, in many companies, project managers can’t keep their heads up long enough to see those curveballs. They don’t have a chance to minimize risk and create opportunities for increased productivity. They’re too busy answering questions, putting out fires and digging up information that’s lost in long email chains.

How can project managers rise above those day-to-day needs to focus on critical elements of a project? The right technology can help by:

  • Organizing those messages so anyone can find the answers they need;
  • Making site documents accessible to everybody onsite;
  • Giving each employee visibility into what other employees are doing to facilitate strategic thinking; and
  • Helping workers collect better site data for everyone involved.

When easy-to-use, well-designed project management software comes into the picture, it brings clarity to a project. No more guesswork. No more chasing down answers. It’s all there in your project dashboard.

Once everything is plotted in the right system, it will send notifications for upcoming deadlines and help forecast accurate timetables. When daily activities move on autopilot, project managers can think ahead, no longer surprised by materials requests or budget shortfalls.

Good technology gives project managers the tools to rise above the daily melee for a better view, so they become more adaptable to new challenges.

Zulqernain "Zulq" Malik
Chief Happiness Officer
SMARTBUILD Construction Solutions


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