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Brady Woodel
Commercial HVAC Service Technician
Colonial Webb Contractors
Richmond, Virginia

What do you enjoy most about construction competitions?
I really enjoy seeing the passion that the competitors bring to the table in these types of competitions. It hits close to home when I see the dedication and pride that others put into their trades. It’s also exciting to meet new people and witness a variety of skill sets. Participating in competitions like this gives you a sense of self-fulfillment whether or not you bring home a medal.

How did you get into HVAC?
From a young age, my father introduced me to HVAC, as he works in the field as a technician for our county’s public school system. He has also taken me on numerous side jobs throughout the years and has taught me as much as he can. One reason I prefer HVAC over other trades is that it is an all-inclusive trade; you will do electrical, plumbing and refrigeration work while also sharpening other mechanical skills.

What is the best advice you ever got?

My father once told me, “Listen to the older folks.”

Should zombies be fast or slow?
I would say that zombies should be slow, mainly because they are dead. If zombies were fast, most people wouldn’t make it and there would be a lot more of them. They have to be slow, so that I can get away without running a marathon.

As a young professional, what is the No. 1 change you think the industry should make?
The industry needs to expand recruitment on all fronts. We need more programs to recruit new people to the trades, especially the younger population. For some reason, it seems like the trades are portrayed as a backup plan for those who don’t pursue a college degree. I think the industry needs to remove this stigma and present the trades as a priority when it comes to deciding on a career path.

What is your favorite film?
I don’t think that I could narrow it down to a single film, but I’d say any of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. I grew up watching the series, and I still love watching them to this day.

If you could live anywhere other than the United States, where would you go?
Canada. The country has so much forest land and thousands of lakes filled with wildlife. It’s a paradise for hunters and fishermen such as myself. I’ve also heard that the people are extremely friendly and that I wouldn’t have to deal with any hot weather up there


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