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ABC is the transformational leader of the construction industry, representing more than 22,000 member companies across the United States as we advocate for the merit shop. This is important, because in our industry, it is the construction companies that:

  • Guarantee the work;
  • Employ the workers;
  • Are liable for the performance or nonperformance of the project; and
  • Stake their brand in the marketplace and with the public on every project they build.

Our members’ foundational belief is in fair and open competition. We welcome everyone to the construction industry and believe everyone should have the opportunity to compete. We believe all workers should have the fundamental right to choose their employment conditions—nonunion or union, working independently or for any company they desire—as well as the opportunity to author their future and achieve their career dreams.

It is this foundation that sparks innovation, creates value and fosters competition. It incentivizes companies to be the best. It’s no surprise that our members are leaders in safety performance—167% safer than the industry average—or that, in 2022, our members invested $1.5 billion in education upskilling for more than 1.3 million attendees at ABC education and training programs. They understand that a robust employee value proposition is imperative to getting the best talent in the industry.

You see, in a world of fair and open competition, if you want to win work, deliver that work safely, ethically and profitably, and wow your clients, you must have the best talent. Within that world, employers get to choose who to hire and employees get to choose who to work for.

This is why the Fair and Open Competition Act (FOCA) currently before Congress—supported by an ABC-led coalition of construction industry and business associations—is so important not only to me and our members, but also to their employees, the industry and buyers of construction services.

Without competition, there is no incentive to innovate and no need to create value.

We have the best construction industry in the world because we have competition. By preventing the federal government from mandating project labor agreements on federal projects funded by taxpayers, FOCA would enshrine freedom of choice within the construction marketplace.

ABC is the voice of the merit shop. Our members believe in America, and they believe in you. And when it comes to fair and open competition, we need your leadership more than ever. 


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