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What do you get for the contractor that has everything? How about a payroll service built just for construction? And yes, they actually exist!

Payroll4Construction is the payroll service that’s specifically for the construction industry. With over 35 years of experience in processing even the most complex construction payrolls, Payroll4Construction has seen—and solved—it all when it comes to the issues everyday contractors face with payroll.

Unlike generic payroll services, Payroll4Construction is exclusive to the construction industry. That’s why with Payroll4Construction, contractors can enter multiple states, rates jobs and trades on a single timecard, saving the typical contractor hours in processing payroll.

Payroll4Construction understands that payroll’s not done when the checks are printed. You still need reports. That’s why Payroll4Construction comes with dozens of free reports right out of the box—including automated print and electronic certified payroll formats, as well as labor, job costing, and new hire reports.

Payroll4Construction also has mobile options to keep your data on the move. Capture timecards, employee signatures and job notes directly from the field and sync it all right to the office. No more messy spreadsheets or illegible timecards needed. It’s like a Christmas miracle, except it happens with every payroll.

Payroll4Construction is the gift that keeps on giving for construction businesses of any size. Don’t settle on socks again this year—give the gift of accurate, stress-free payroll with Payroll4Construction.

Product Highlights
  • The payroll service built just for construction
  • Dozens of free reports, including print and electronic certified payroll formats
  • Multiple states, rates and trades on a single timecard
  • 35 years of payroll experience

Give the gift of payroll!


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