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According to Forbes, construction spending in the first three months of 2015 totaled $206.7 billion. Despite a robust construction market, many contractors are seeing obstacles to overall profitability such as the increasing cost of building materials and larger average building size. With this increased pressure on the bottom line, contractors are seeking new ways to reduce costs and achieve greater operational efficiency across all project areas.

One area where contractors are saving is equipment rental. Renting equipment allows for greater flexibility, both financially and operationally, and eliminates the need for storage and transportation. Renting also provides contractors with access to a much larger inventory of machinery than it would cost to purchase. In 2014, almost 60% of construction executives said rental was a much more cost-effective and efficient way to manage their onsite equipment.*

While rental may seem like an obvious solution for machinery, cranes, trailers and vehicle fleets, many contractors tend to overlook the substantial savings that can be achieved by renting furniture for the job site trailer.

CORT’s furniture rental model allows construction companies the flexibility they need when furnishing on-site trailers. With a national footprint, CORT offers a wide selection of furniture that is ready and waiting to be delivered and set-up on-site as soon as you need it. Upon completion of your project, CORT professionals will promptly pick up and remove the rental furniture. Instead of paying the cost of buying furniture and transportation or delivery to your jobsite, you only rent furniture you need for the time you need it. Furniture rental also reduces the amount of staff time and money that contractors currently spend sourcing furniture for on-site trailers. With CORT's complete line of jobsite furniture, you’ll spend less time buying tables and seats, and more time getting a seat at the bidding table.Learn More about CORT

1 Of more than 71,000 survey responses as reported by Construction Executive on Nov. 14, 2014

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