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Company Highlights
InEight’s solutions minimize risk, control costs, improve productivity and increase predictability. They focus on:
  • Project Cost Management
  • Collaborative Document Management
  • Planning, Scheduling and Risk
  • Connected Analytics  
  • Project Administration
  • Field Execution Management
  • Virtual Design and Construction

It is second nature for InEight to help its customers build a single source of project truth. Its natively integrated application platform ensures that owners, contractors and engineers can access the information they need when, where and how they need it, from wherever their work takes them.

The company’s intuitive construction project management software offers users easy navigation and lets them gain clear visibility into their capital projects to optimize outcomes and ensure project certainty.

With deep roots in construction, InEight is led by seasoned industry professionals. Each tool in the company’s project management portfolio receives the benefit of real field testing and evaluation. 

The company’s solutions are developed to drive success at every phase of the project life cycle. InEight’s risk, planning and scheduling tool combines artificial intelligence augmented with historical knowledge and team expertise to deliver realistic and defendable plans. 

Its collaborative document management software enables the distribution and tracking of project documents via a single, controlled source of truth. And, its project cost management solutions streamline the entire estimating process to provide stakeholders with complete insight into project performance. 

A cloud-based architecture allows InEight’s applications to work from the office to the jobsite so that all team members can leverage information, gather insights and anticipate impacts for the capital project life cycle.

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