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Company Highlights
  • Fully integrated, real-time, browser-based solution
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Work from anywhere (home, office, jobsite, hotel, airport—anywhere!)
  • Innovative integration tools
  • Employee Time Portal and other paperless functions
  • User friendly, non-technical report writer
  • We never end-of-life a product
  • Privately owned family business

Since 1984, Explorer Software has been a leading provider of construction accounting and management software. Its flagship product, Eclipse, is a real-time, browser-based, fully integrated platform that offers a wide range of solutions for small, mid-sized and large enterprises worldwide. The company’s construction-specific solutions offer rich functionality, a full application suite and best-in-class customization abilities.

“At Explorer Software, we recognize that our employees are vital to the future of our business and development of our software,” says Carmen Greene, president of Explorer Software. “This is why we’ve pulled together a diverse group of experts from across North America and created a workplace that the emphasizes a balance in life and work. As a result, we’re able to provide quality technical support in all North American time zones and continue to foster an environment that leads to the innovation of new technologies and solutions for our customers.”

Explorer Software was started to help contractors run their business more easily and efficiently. They have proven time and again to their customers that they provide the best possible services and support through regular communication and unwavering commitment. With more than 35 years of expertise serving construction businesses, Explorer Software’s powerful solutions are designed for today’s busy contractor.
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