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Organization and efficiency are key in construction and other industries with a lot of simultaneously moving parts. By improving organization and efficiency, companies can make significant improvements that translate into thousands of dollars and a tremendous amount of time saved.

By using an online form builder to keep processes streamlined and data organized, contractors can maximize value, minimize costs and exceed client expectations.

Lead Collection

Construction businesses seek new, recurring and referral business to maximize business development efforts. Some online form builders provide contact forms for keeping leads organized. Contact forms should be professional, requiring only the minimum level of information from the respondent, and should be in line with company branding.

A/B Testing

Using online forms also allows companies to track analytics to optimize conversion rates. If they’re lower than expected, experiment with different contributing factors to make sure the form is more compelling. Even simple tweaks, like changing the text of the “Submit” button to something more descriptive (e.g., “Register for Newsletter” or “Contact Rogers Construction”) can deliver stronger results.

Stay Organized

In addition to creating forms, some online form builders allow users to create surveys. Jotform is one of a handful of form builders that can also handle surveys using the same tools. A survey can be sent asking what materials are needed at what budget, and ranges and priorities can be specified. This information can be easily exported to Excel, Google Docs, Dropbox or a host of other integrations to easily review and get the most out of the data.


Capturing leads is important, but it's equally important to make sure the lead is properly nurtured. This usually means a series of welcome emails, and introduction to their sales representative. Most form builders have integrations that can automatically import the lead into your CRM solution, and assign it to a sales representative. Services like Customer.io and Mailchimp make for quick integrations and open the door for automated campaigns. For software solutions that aren't integrated as easily, Zapier moves data between forms and CRM and email platforms with just a few clicks.

Hire the Right People

With an online form builder, companies can customize job application forms to suit their needs. If specific skills are required, set up a checklist or radio buttons to easily sift through only the applications that have those specific qualities. Crafting a spot-on application form can save the company and the applicant a lot of time. Asking the right questions and pulling pertinent information from applicants is an efficient and powerful way to find skilled personnel.

Time Management

Time-off forms will let employees request specific days off with a few quick clicks of the mouse, and the data can be automatically compiled into a spreadsheet when schedules are reviewed. Incident reports can help gather all of the information needed, without missing any important pieces.

Go mobile

Many online forms enable users to keep track of things with or without an internet connection via a fillable PDF form or on a mobile app. Once a connection is available, the form can be submitted. This functionality allows employees to stay on task and keep a running tally of things that have been completed, tasks that need to be done, notes and suggestions. Users can access and edit necessary assignments such as managing personnel onsite, disposing of or recycling construction waste, monitoring schedules and cash flows, taking notes for later reference and maintaining accurate records.

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