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Time trackers can help companies stay competitive and reduce overall costs in a number of ways. With the automatic time tracker, business owners will be able to record work hours and see how employees spend their time. They can use it for payroll processing and management to ensure accurate billing, improve efficiency and more.

Traditional Time-Cards No Longer Work

While traditional methods of timekeeping such as paper timesheets and attendance records worked in the past, the world moves too quickly for those methods today. Technology such as time tracking software can make a big difference in saving significant time for business owners and their staff.Older methods of keeping track of time often result in significant amounts of time lost by employees filling them out timesheets and turning them in. For example, business owners and project managers too often need to chase down employees who forgot to turn in their timesheets, or employees are absent the day timesheets are due and can’t turn in their paperwork. Not to mention the fact that many timesheets are filled out incorrectly and need to be reviewed.

Time Tracking Solutions

With today’s time trackers, businesses can eliminate these problems and make payroll much easier. They also makes it easier to see exactly what employees do every day, so you can eliminate wasted time.While there are many time trackers on the market today, the basic gist of what they do is similar: They keep track of time. The best solutions on the market offer tools such as color-coded timelines so employees and managers can easily see where people spend time on different projects. This helps managers ensure employees work on the right projects fast and easily, and without hovering over an employee’s shoulder.Web-based software is helpful, as it allows all employees to access it anytime and from any computer.

Time Tracking Benefits

Minimize Wasted Time
All companies, even those that feel they are greatly streamlined, may waste some time during a work day. It might be that some of employees spend too long at lunch or on Facebook while they should be working instead. Some might find they hold far too many meetings and could hold only one weekly meeting. By finding wasted time, no matter how much or how little there is, companies can operate better by eliminating it.
Collect Accurate Payroll Information
With an automatic time tracker, businesses can guarantee payroll data is always correct. A time tracker can ensure accurate reports of time and attendance, and make calculating factors such as overtime, time off, breaks and sick leave easier. 
Prevent Fraud
While it is unfortunate, some employees may try to defraud their employer and get more pay than they’re worth. This was easy to do with the old manual system, because managers were not able to keep track of everyone’s hours. The employees could claim they put in overtime work with the rest of the crew when they didn’t. They also could claim they were at work on a day when they were actually absent. Such problems do occur, and they were hard to detect and solve in the past. 
Improve Efficiency
Time trackers allow business owners to see what employees do and what projects they work on without the possibility of employee manipulation or deception. The ability to see exactly how employees spend their time also lets business owners keep an eye on different projects without annoying micromanaging. 
Reduce Costs
Companies may be surprised to discover the time tracker also reduces their labor costs, costs of paper, administration costs and more. It simplifies and streamlines the time system at the workplace, making it easier for every employee.When choosing a time tracking solution, look for a product that has many great features and is easy to learn and use. To get a team on board with using the time tracker, make sure it's simple to integrate into daily work. 

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