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The construction industry is staring down the barrel of a decades-old talent shortage. There is no clear answer to the problem. The only thing certain is that firms will continue to compete fiercely to attract and recruit talent.

The front lines of this battle exist on the websites of every construction firm on the hunt for best of breed workers. The problem is that most of those sites focus almost exclusively on lead generation. But there are many other tactics to turn the most valuable piece of online real estate into a finely tuned recruiting machine.

Tune Up the Static Careers Page

The average construction website features a bland careers page listing basic benefits such as 401K, health care and paid vacation, in addition to current job openings. This is usually accompanied by some banal language about non-discrimination and lucrative career opportunities for the most qualified people. Boring.

Construction firms need to sell their value as an employer just as they would sell their qualifications to land a new project or client. The most talented workers have plenty of options. What differentiates the company as an employer?

Here are some examples.

  • Does the firm offer four-day work weeks in the summer?
  • Is there a picnic or some other unique annual tradition?
Once these differentiators are identified, they should be built into the company’s website content.

Make the Entire Website Team-Centric

Construction is a team-based industry, yet most firms struggle to bring this out on their websites. Content should be team-centric on every page, not just the careers page.

Making gratuitous use of the word “we” is not enough. Be more specific.

  • Are project descriptions generic, or do they call out specific contributions by employees?
  • Does the company blog feature entries celebrating employee achievements?
  • Are there profiles of key team members?
Let Employees Do the Talking

Why do construction firms seek client testimonials, but neglect employee testimonials? A company can preach about being a great employer, but the smart people everyone wants to hire are shrewd; they will place greater value on the sentiments of an employee with skin in the game.

There are two main options: written or video testimonials. The video will convey more authenticity if the firm is lucky enough to have team members that are comfortable in front of the camera. Discerning viewers always prefer living color over static text.

Build In Calls to Action

Every construction website should contain clear and attention-grabbing call to action (CTA) buttons appealing to potential clients, but it should also have CTAs for potential employees.

Typical CTA language includes:

  • Contact Us;
  • Sign Up for Our Newsletter; or
  • Join Our Mailing List.

CTA buttons for attracting talent should be just as clear and attractive. Consider these examples:

  • Start Your Career;
  • Join Our Team; or
  • Learn About Our Employment Benefits.
The possibilities are endless. Place these CTAs strategically throughout the construction website in areas where they fit naturally.

Continue the Discussion on Social Media

The reality is that no construction firm will convert 100 percent of those visiting the site into prospective employees. Some will choose to sit back and watch the firm’s activity before engaging.

It is critical to prominently display icons linking to the firm’s social media pages, assuming they are actively maintained. This gives talent visiting the website the ability to continue to learn about your firm. It is also sound social media marketing strategy to draw your connections and followers back to the website.

The Battle for Talent Rages On

The battle for talent will continue to be fought on the internet. Regardless of how prospective employees hear about a firm or a specific career opportunity, they will defer to its website to learn more. In 2017, this is a critical first impression.

These are but a few of the tactics construction firms can use to attract and convert the best talent through the company website. Taking these steps now will convert a one-dimensional construction website focused on lead generation into a recruiting machine that attracts the right people to do the work.


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