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Enhancing customer relationships is a key piece of any marketing plan, and developing these relationships takes time. Great precision is needed to cultivate meaningful, long-lasting customer relationships.

To do this, marketers are turning to data to help shape their strategies. Data can identify customers, predict their purchasing behaviors and send them relevant marketing materials. But keeping all this data straight is the challenge.


Marketing automation apps help contractors manage this process and grow their businesses. These marketing automation tools assist internal marketing and sales teams by helping them develop a more comprehensive, streamlined communication strategy, and by sending timely, relevant information, clients and potential clients can make informed business decisions.

With a wealth of apps available, it’s hard to distinguish which are most beneficial. Here’s what to look for in an app:

  • Marketers depend on many different types of technology and software to do their jobs effectively. Relying on connecting two or more systems together can be a recipe for disaster. That’s why it’s important to look for products that already communicate well with each other. To create a seamless experience, find sales and marketing apps that integrate well with core enterprise software systems.
  • Apps must be easy for the marketing and sales teams to navigate. They should be able to quickly organize, store and update all marketing tools within the app so they are readily accessible at any time. The app should be user-friendly enough for the sales teams to grab these marketing resources on-the-go to craft a highly professional sales presentation.
  • Follow-up communication is key to building meaningful relationships with clients once the sales call is complete. If there is a separate marketing team, they will want to know the results of the sales call. Worthwhile apps will make follow-up easy for the sales teams.
  • Apps that connect to the cloud are beneficial, but in this industry, an internet connection isn’t guaranteed. Look for apps that can also work well offline.
  • Good apps are data driven and will help contractors share their successes by allowing them to track marketing data such as open rates. Having this data allows marketing teams the flexibility to adjust marketing content to meet distinct audience needs.
Marketing and sales teams are looking for solutions to help them do their jobs easier, faster and better. Marketing automation apps can assist in this process, but look closely to make sure it’s right app.

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