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New products and software to save time and money and increase security include estimating apps, cloud security and cloud accelerator, a 3-D warehouse and a mobile time clock.


New Drywall Estimating App From CertainTeed Gypsum Saves Time
Drywall contractors can generate quotes and material lists on the fly with the new Third Arm Quotes app offered by CertainTeed Gypsum. Designed by drywall contractors, the app cuts the time it takes to estimate a job in half and files job information so it is ready when and where it is needed. The new app works with all iOS devices and can be quickly downloaded from iTunes. Within Third Arm Quotes, contractors can create appointments, upload customer details, create an accurate materials list, and manage subcontractor schedules. CertainTeed customers are invited to try the app at no charge for 30 days.

Beta Testers Needed for JobFLEX Estimating App
JobFLEX wants beta testers for a new version of its estimating app, which will be available free of charge on Google Play in May. Those who test it and provide feedback will receive six months of the upgraded Pro version for free (worth $600). Sign up to become Beta Tester and learn more at the JobFLEX blog post.


Whitebox Security Delivers Access Management to Critical Systems 
Whitebox Security LogoWhitebox Security, which helps organizations identify and protect sensitive data against internal and external threats, added the ability to administer permissions. IT can now manage access to critical systems on an individual or bulk basis with automated compliance across file servers, NAS devices and SharePoint. A wizard allows users to request permissions and, upon approval, the system automatically updates access. A standard feature of Whitebox Security’s system is a “What If” simulation, where permissions can be tested to proactively determine the effects that will result from the required change. Should the simulation be acceptable, the administrator simply accepts the changes, which are automatically implemented.


Trimble Enhances SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse Content Sharing Platform
Trimble introduced an update to 3D Warehouse, its online platform for sharing and downloading free 3-D models and materials. A key component of the SketchUp 3D modeling software, 3D Warehouse connects designers to free, high-quality 3-D content. New social enhancements will encourage communication and sharing with other SketchUp architects, interior designers, engineers, construction firms and building product manufacturers. With the “contact me” feature, users can contact other users, allowing them to communicate privately or to ask permission for special uses of models. An email notification feature helps users stay up to date with conversations. In addition to user-generated models, 3D Warehouse offers free 3-D product models from hundreds of premier brands.

Primavera Launches Project Portfolio Management Cloud Services Accelerator for Engineering and Construction
Oracle has launched a new cloud service accelerator, Oracle Contract Management Cloud Accelerator, for enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) for engineering and construction. The purpose-built accelerator enables organizations to address the challenges associated with managing project, program, portfolio and contract life cycles. In the engineering and construction business, projects are a team effort—contractors and owner organizations need to coordinate and collaborate to control contract management and keep costs in line with project expectations. This accelerator provides these organizations with preconfigured, flexible rules and processes, enabling them to quickly start managing contracts and controlling change throughout the project life cycle with a system that allows for future business growth and expanded requirements.

mJobTime Launches Employee Portal For Mobile Time Clock Software
mJobTime PortalmJobTime Corporation added an employee time portal to its mobile time tracking software. The new feature allows individual employees to access the mJobTime Web Edition from a mobile device to review their hours worked. Using a personal identification number to log in, employees can view, print or email their hours for any week or two-week period, all without the need for a user license.

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