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This week’s Tech Rundown features two new wearables – one to verify workers’ training qualifications and one wearable sensor that alerts safety personnel to slip, trip and fall incidents. Software releases focus on project management collaboration and linking 2-D drawings and 3-D models. Check out a cool new video on the Archicad 21 Stair Tool.


Check Worker Credentials with QR-Coded Wristbands
Credential Verification wristband-qr-codeCredential Verification Service’s verification wristbands enable construction companies to verify workers are doing only jobs they’re trained for. The silicone wristbands are stamped with a unique QR code so scanned with a smartphone or a tablet, the employee’s updated training records are displayed. Alternatively, CVS can print the QR code on a label to affix to a construction worker’s hardhat.

Aquajet Aqua Cutter 710V Robot Aids Heavy-Duty Concrete Removal
Aquajet_AquaCutter710VAquajet Systems AB’s hydrodemolition robot, the Aqua Cutter 710V, is equipped with long-lasting ceramic nozzles and is suitable concrete removal tasks such as renovation and bridge and road repair. The AquaCutter can be controlled via a radio remote control, either wirelessly or with a hard wire. Contractors can add an Aquajet Hybrid Kit, which attaches to a diesel-powered Aqua Cutter robot for electric operation in applications where diesel engines aren’t allowed, such as parking garages, inside buildings or in other urban environments.

Software & In the Cloud

Triax Technologies IoT Wearable System Provides Data-Driven Insight in Real Time
Triax Technologies, Inc.’s spot-r networked technology provides real-time, data-driven visibility into the challenging construction site environment. This Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled technology makes the digitally connected construction worksite possible for the first time. spot-r’s lightweight wearable sensor alerts safety personnel to slip, trip and fall incidents in real time so workers can receive aid faster, and logs key data for insurers on when and where incidents occur. Because spot-r operates on a closed mesh network that cuts through steel and concrete and automatically clocks workers on the jobsite, spot-r’s mobile dashboard provides visibility into worker location and site operations.

Viewpoint’s VEC Cloud Technology Offers Collaborative Project Management Capabilities
Viewpoint Construction Software® Enterprise Cloud (VEC) is built on a high performance, scalable cloud technology that integrates the industry’s most comprehensive solution suite for the office, team and field. Viewpoint OFFICE solutions work for data-intensive jobs like accounting and payroll; Viewpoint TEAM solutions offer collaborative project management capabilities for functions like submittals and RFI’s; and Viewpoint FIELD solutions provide the ability to collect data such as field observations, time and productivity. VEC packages may be purchased as VEC Office, VEC Office and Team, and VEC Office Team and Field.

Assemble Systems Releases 2D SmartSheets for Virtual Design and Construction
Assemble Systems’ Assemble Insight gives AEC professionals access to 2-D drawings within Assemble alongside 3-D models for better usage and sharing of construction models, drawings and data. With the 2-D SmartSheets model, drawings and associated metadata are all linked together to assist the user in comprehending the design and associated constructability issues.

Graphisoft Archicad 21 Ships in US
Graphisoft Archicad21As reported in the May 24 Technology and Software Rundown, the GRAPHISOFT® ARCHICAD 21 Stair Tool enables architects to choose or create stair designs. The software just started shipping in the U.S. last week. A new video demonstrates how it works.

Partnerships and Acquisitions

Identified Technologies and DJI Partner on Commercial Drones
 Identified Technologies is integrating its software and services with DJI’s Inspire aerial imaging platform to increase project visibility and team productivity. Together, the fully-managed solution handles everything from FAA compliance and flight planning to automatic flight, data processing and analytics.

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