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Here’s the rundown on a 3-D laser scanner, RFID tags and new software for BIM and CRM. Scroll down to “Cool Stuff” for a report on driverless cities and an interactive tool for aerial lifts.


HCSS Safety Empowers Employees, Improves Safety Program Management

HCSS Safety program empowers employees to contribute to the safety program through cloud-based storage and reporting of critical safety data – safety meetings, near misses and incidents reporting, training and job and activity hazard analysis - through a web-based mobile app. HCSS Safety offers more than 1,000 meeting, 400-plus job hazard analysis (JHA) and 200 inspection programs prebuilt into the software. HCSS Safety can be used for OSHA 300 log reporting, scheduling meetings and keeping track of workers’ skills and certifications.


DT Research Rugged Tablet Awarded C1D2 Certification for Operation in Hazardous Environments
DT Research DT301 Rugged Tablet has been tested and Class 1 Division 2 Certified to operate safely in hazardous areas where flammable gases, vapors or liquids may be present within sufficient quantities to be explosive or ignitable. CID2 certification ensures the DT301 Rugged Tablets are hermetically sealed, non-incendive circuit, non-incendive components, non-incendive equipment, non-sparking apparatus and purged and pressurized.

Leica Geosystems’ 3-D Imaging Laser Scanner Simplifies Collection of As-Built Reality Capture Data
Leica Geosystems BLK360Leica Geosystems new BLK360, the world’s smallest 3-D imaging laser scanner, helps AEC professionals measure, photograph and document spaces. Users place the lightweight BLK360 on a level surface or tripod and with the push of a button, it captures 360º HDR spherical imagery and takes a 360,000 point per second laser scan. Within three minutes, the photo and scan is completed and ready to view in the Autodesk ReCap Pro for mobile app, which runs on an iPad Pro. From there, users can take measurements, add annotations or share onsite data.


Rastrac GPS Fleet Management and Asset Tracking Features Web API
Rastrac GPS fleet management and asset tracking helps customers reduce fuel waste, enforce contractual operating hours, prevent theft and improve future project planning and budgeting. The Rastrac Web API allows broad control of Rastrac's suite of vehicle tracking features from most programming environments, including automated scripting of common tasks, seamless integration into custom user interfaces and direct data integration with large third party systems.

Software & In the Cloud

dodge data & analytics construction project information integrates with microsoft dynamics crm
Dodge Data & Analytics has launched PipeLine for Microsoft Dynamics, a software application that integrates construction project information directly into Microsoft Dynamics, a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Contractors can now more easily find and track construction projects, tying them directly into their opportunity, account and reporting workflows.

GuardRFID Active RFID for Real-time Location Tracking to Remote Sites

GuardRFID‘s new solar-powered Active RFID tag readers and tag exciters developed for the AllGuard™ Real-time Location Platform enables contractors to wirelessly locate and track equipment, tools and personnel at remote sites lacking local power and network connectivity. The system incorporates solar panels into tag readers and exciters located throughout the site that communicate to a central hub where data is collected and forwarded to a cloud-based middleware server. These readers and exciters are mounted on tripods for portability and easy implementation, providing presence detection and zonal location information for safety, security, compliance and time and attendance purposes.

Assemble Systems Announces Support for Revit Parts and PCL PartsLab
PCL Construction has created PCL PartsLab, a free plugin that will improve construction companies' ability to use Assemble Systems’ Revit data for takeoff, estimating, scheduling and project management. PCL PartsLab reduces the time required to create and use Revit Parts in construction models. Parts allow slabs, walls, columns and other BIM components to be broken down automatically into subcomponents with their geometric, property and metadata available so estimators and project personnel can use more BIM in their daily workflow.

Step up BIM with ARCHICAD 21
Graphisoft Archicad 21

GRAPHISOFT® ARCHICAD 21 introduces the Stair Tool featuring GRAPHISOFT’s patent-pending Predictive Design™ technology. ARCHICAD’s algorithms validate thousands of design options in the background and offer architects the most optimal stair designs to choose from within the context of the specific building. Other features are CineRender by MAXON that includes Light Mapping and Secondary GI methods; a flexible element classification system; and IFC model rendering.

Acquisitions & Partnerships

B2W Software Teams with Industry Expert to Improve Fleet Management
 B2W Software is working with Mike Vorster, educator and consultant on construction equipment management, to help contractors improve asset utilization while cutting ownership and maintenance costs. Vorster has developed standardized processes, quantitative tools and a blueprint for implementation through his Construction Equipment Management Program consultancy C.E.M.P. Central. B2W Maintain is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that links shop, field and management teams. The software manages all aspects of the maintenance process, drives preventive programs and provides enterprise-wide access to equipment status and history in real time.

Dodge Data & Analytics and Dexter + Chaney Partner to Streamline Document and Bid Management Workflows
Dodge Data & Analytics and Dexter + Chaney are partnering to provide Dodge PlanRoom 2017 to Dexter + Chaney subscribers. Through the strategic reseller agreement, Dodge PlanRoom 2017 will be integrated with Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum® Construction ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software this year, facilitating streamlined workflow from pre-construction through closeout.

Video & Cool Stuff

The Future of Driverless Cars for City Leaders
Driverless Future: A Policy Roadmap for City Leaders, a study by Arcadis, HR&A Advisors and Sam Schwartz Consulting, shows that the move to ridesharing and ridesourcing services that don't have a driver could cause a shift of up to 60 percent (3.6 million cars) from traditional to autonomous vehicles in the New York metro area alone over the next 15-20 years. To prepare for this driverless future, the report identifies six priorities for city leaders such as leveraging technology to enhance mobility; modernizing public transit; implementing dynamic pricing; planning for mixed-use, car-light neighborhoods; encouraging adaptable parking; and promoting equitable access to new jobs and services via dial-a-ride and equitable service coverage.

ClickSafety’s Safety and Health Knowledge Assessment Program Reinforces Safety Learning
ClickSafety’s Safety and Health Knowledge Assessments program supports and measures safety training compliance retention. Users receive one daily question on their PC or mobile device related to their original ClickSafety course. Based on the answers, an individual's ongoing safety compliance and knowledge scores are computed. The real-time scores include the participant's ranking compared to peers, test score and compliance score.

Terex Aerial Work Platforms’ (AWP) Genie® interactive tool calculates aerial lifts’ current capacity limits to educate users on how the new technology will impact equipment safe use and productivity. Users can choose different materials, attachments and operators to “place” into and on the virtual boom platform. The interactive tool calculates the weight of materials, attachments and operators. If the load capacity of the platform exceeds the machine’s rated capacity, the virtual boom lift will not lift the load, highlighting how new industry-mandated platform load sense technology will disable machine function if the load is above the platform load limit. Changes to ANSI A92 and CSA B354 standards are coming next year and will include the addition of platform load sensing technology.

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