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The Rundown ends the year with a brick laying robot; apps for document management and integrating sales and marketing; a high-resolution construction camera; a weather tracking device; and software for project management and 3-D modeling. Happy holidays!


PlanGrid Works on Windows Devices, Shows Document Revision History
plangrid-with-windowsPlanGrid's new Windows app enables users to compare sheets without jumping back and forth between screens; take the project anywhere, even without an Internet connection (PlanGrid will update when back online); make detailed markups and accurate measurements with snap-to annotations; and take measurements, calculate totals and send data to the team faster than ever.

plangrid-revision-historyPlanGrid also enables access to revision history on mobile devices— no matter in what order a user uploads the drawings. All new projects let customers set an issue date when they upload sheets, which determine the order of the sheets in the revision history. Also, PlanGrid added tools so users can get their sheets in any order, any time.

App Data Room Integrates Sales, Marketing and CRM
app-data-roomApp Data Room mobile sales platform allows sales and marketing teams to organize, store, share, present and track content. It integrates with marketing automation and CRM tools so marketing teams can push their latest marketing tools to their network of sales reps, distributors and channel partners. The platform offers 100 percent email follow-up after sales calls. App Data Room lets the data tell the story and shows open rates on marketing materials so teams can adjust content to meet audience needs.

Viewpoint For Field View mobile field data capture and reporting solution
Viewpoint For Field View, a mobile forms solution for sharing and reporting data captured on the jobsite, offers new features and functionality for its mobile and website applications, multi-platform support and parity with Multi-Project, Plan View Snapshot and Form Conditional Logic. Viewpoint For Field View’s web application offers user administration and project setup, along with project-specific tasks and form entry applications. Data entry, filtering, navigating and reporting are now faster and achieved in an intuitive and ultra-modern responsively designed website.


OxBlue Launches 50-Megapixel Time-Lapse Construction Camera
oxblue-cameraOxBlue’s 50-MP construction camera produces ultra–high resolution images for documenting, managing and marketing construction projects. New optical technology achieves high resolution for still images with detail and clarity so users can zoom in on archived images to inspect construction details; capture the build and the area surrounding the jobsite in detail; and produce professional-quality photos and time-lapse videos for use in marketing and presentations. OxBlue also offers optional live video on demand for viewing jobsite activity in real time; newly designed solar equipment with monocrystalline technology; and a construction camera interface with automatic fit-and-fill of jobsite images on any viewing screen.

All-In-One Weather Device Keeps Construction Crews Safer
ino-weather-proINO™ Technologies handheld INO Weather Pro combines weather data with lightning detection. The INO Weather Pro detects the distance of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes as far away as 40 miles, providing visual and auditory feedback of lightning strike distances. With an updatable software interface and a touch screen display, users can customize their dashboards with the information most important to them. The portable device is water-resistant and runs on a USB-charged lithium battery.

Software & In the Cloud

Asta Powerproject Adds More User-Requested Functionality
astapowerprojectElecosoft’s Version 14.0.02 of Asta Powerproject offers new features and extended functionality to its project management solution. Users now have an option when creating a new project from an existing one to remove all progress values; show cost and income assignments with a negative value; specify the way negative costs are handled when exporting to and importing from Microsoft Project or Primavera; create new summaries and charts by right-clicking in the project view; display heat maps in resource usage views; constrain tasks to complete within a specified time period; view a task’s complete chain of linked predecessor or successor tasks; and store the original duration of each task before any progress has been applied.

Built Construction Lending Software for Managing Construction Loans
Built Technologies' web-based and mobile application software helps construction lenders navigate from loan closing through construction completion. One central hub connects all critical stakeholders to make managing construction loans fast and easy. Borrowers and contractors can request inspections and initiate draw requests through online access to their projects. With Built, lenders can automate administrative tasks while ensuring compliance with intelligent workflows and communication triggers; manage project budgets in real time; manage risk, gain global and granular portfolio insights; and monitor the operational performance. Built increases speed to payment and decreases credit and collateral risk and gives contractors visibility into their entire loan portfolio.

Assemble Systems Unveils Integration of 2-D and 3-D Models
assemble-systemsAssemble Systems, maker of Construction Data Management solutions software Assemble Insight, will soon be integrating 2-D document support within Assemble. AEC professionals can access 2-D drawings within Assemble alongside 3-D models. Assemble Systems is known for its innovative approach to improving preconstruction and construction workflows through use of models and associated metadata.

Video & Cool Stuff

SAM, the semi-autonomous mason Lays Bricks
Watch SAM, the semi-autonomous mason, lay bricks.

Arc: New Technology Venture Launched to Facilitate LEED Certification, Measure Performance and Benchmark Green Building Projects
The Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) is the official host for Arc, a state-of-the-art digital platform from Arc Skoru Inc. With Arc, any project—whether a single building, a community or an entire city—can measure improvements and benchmark against itself and projects around it. The goal of Arc is to support the missions of USGBC and GBCI. LEED-certified buildings can use Arc to improve and benchmark against other certified buildings around them. Existing buildings that have not certified can use Arc to make incremental sustainability improvements to eventually achieve LEED certification.

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