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Imagine seeing what a drone “sees” with AR glasses and a new app. New products include a wireless remote underground cable cutter and a modular plug and play lighting and control system. CRM software makes for quick bids, and an industrial workshop and innovation studio for the built environment opened Oct. 5.


Epson and DJI Solution helps Meet FAA ‘Visual Line of Sight’ Rules for Drones
Coming later this year is a bundled offering of Moverio Smart Glasses and Optimized DJI Go App that will enable users to see what drones see and maintain eye contact with the craft. In a partnership between global drone leader DJI and technology giant Epson, an optimized version of the DJI GoApp will be available on Epson’s Moverio BT-300 AR glasses. The combined solution will provide a transparent, heads-up display to maintain a visual line of sight of the DJI unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), helping construction companies and related industries adhere to FAA regulations regarding VLOS while increasing the quality of the shoot. With the Moverio’s first-person view (FPV) “screen,” pilots can see hazards such as trees, poles and buildings and easily guide their crafts for desired camera views. In future additions of the Epson/DJI solution, drone pilots will be able to view on-screen data such as battery life, recording operations, speed, height and more as part of the Moverio’s augmented reality capabilities.

Messaging App Zinc for Centralized Communication
Enterprise messaging app Zinc is a centralized safety communication platform for managing important messages and safety alerts. Zinc keeps workers up to date on critical safety and onsite issues, such as sending severe weather alerts to all onsite teams to clear the area. Safety teams can deliver a summary of all activities to key stakeholders at the end of each day. Zinc’s flexibility lets contractors maintain consistent, secure lines of communication with a changing cast of workers without worrying about issuing and managing new devices.


Milwaukee Delivers Wireless Cutting Solution
milwaukee-tool-wireless-cable-cutterMilwaukee Tool’s M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ 3” Underground Cable Cutter with Wireless Remote cuts up to 1500MCM CU 15KV. Paired with a wireless remote, linemen can distance themselves further from the cut for a smarter and safer remote cut. The 3-inch Underground Cable Cutter is also the fastest cable cutter in its class, delivering more than 140 cuts per charge. It’s compatible with the digital platform One Key™, which allows the user to sync the tool wirelessly with a mobile device or desktop to monitor tool inventory, track location of missing tools, receive alerts when lost tools are found, and track the utilization and service intervals.

Revolt Control Modular Plug and Play Lighting and Control System 
cii-revoltCommunications Integrators, Inc. (Cii), ReVolt Control is a modular plug and play lighting and control system that optimizes building lighting and power usage. ReVolt comes pre-configured and pre-provisioned; simply snap it together. It can be reconfigured and hot swapped live, adapted to occupancy and vacancy, and dynamically adjusted based on the amount of sunlight entering a space.

Software & In the Cloud

ConvergeHub for Quick Bids and CRM
convergehubWith ConvergeHub, contractors can create bids in the field and send them to the customer on the spot. ConvergeHub integrates with QuickBooks Online and Offline; both platforms remain in sync so contractors can manage all of their prospects and bids in one place. ConvergeHub can be used to manage leads and contacts, create and send marketing campaigns, invoice customers and track payments and provide customer support.

Acquisitions & Partnerships

HCSS, John Deere Streamline Data Reporting and Optimize Fleet Management
john-deere-1Construction industry software solutions provider HCSS and John Deere are partnering to streamline equipment maintenance and parts and service requests by leveraging AEMP 2.0 data, which John Deere refers to as its JDLink Machine Data API. HCSS pulls AEMP 2.0 data from a partnering manufacturer into a fleet management software. By integrating data from the John Deere JDLink system into HCSS OEM Link, customers will be able to use JDLink telematics data to drive and automate workflows in the HCSS suite of products, including Equipment360 fleet management software, HeavyJob time cards and reporting program, HCSS GPS telematics solution and HCSS Dispatcher dispatching system.

Video & Cool Stuff

Autodesk's Building, Innovation, Learning and Design (BUILD) Space Opens
autodesk-build-spaceAutodesk’s BUILD Space (Building, Innovation, Learning and Design) opened Oct. 5 in Boston. The new BUILD Space offers a unique industrial workshop and innovation studio focused on the future of making things in the built environment. It hosts teams from academia, industry and practice doing work in fields such as digital fabrication, design robotics and industrialized construction. The space provides:

  • access to advanced training and equipment, Autodesk personnel and executives, and other industry leaders;
  • space and equipment to support work with materials such as steel, wood, stone, concrete, ceramics, glass and composites (e.g., carbon fiber);
  • more than 60 pieces of large-format equipment, including six industrial robots and 11 dedicated workshops for wood, metal fabrication, composites, 3-D printing, laser cutting, and large-format CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router and waterjet; and
  • a 5-ton bridge crane for large fabrication projects and moving equipment and materials between floors.
Sustainable Minds and GAF introduce new SM Performance Fact Sheet™
The SM Performance Fact Sheet™ is the latest in Sustainable Minds’ suite of Transparency Products developed in partnership with roofing manufacturer GAF. This strategic marketing and lead-generation tool allows building product manufacturers to help the design and construction community make safer and healthier purchasing decisions. AEC professionals are currently going to manufacturers’ websites to find products with environmental and material health disclosures in order to earn credits in green building rating systems, but may find it difficult to find these products and to make informed specification and purchasing decisions. The SM Performance Fact Sheet™ combines product information and disclosure information in one location. It was created expressly for manufacturers that have been transparency early adopters and have created many disclosures. It also explains sustainability improvement eff­orts that disclosures don’t report in an understandable and meaningful way for non-technical readers.

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