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Once upon a time, there was a commercial contracting business. With no viable options at its disposal, the company was forced to use a patchwork of unsuitable systems, which included spreadsheets, pen and paper and, worst of all, residential software that was never designed for commercial use.
But that was then. Industry professionals now have access to a market full of cloud-based SaaS technology specifically designed to optimize communication, simplify workflows, expand profit margins and deliver a truly impressive customer experience.

As a commercial or industrial contractor, your workflow might cater to anything from new project planning to recurring equipment service or anything in between—and you need the right field-service management software to get the job done right. Unfortunately, residential service software just isn’t designed with the complexities of a commercial workflow in mind.

Multiple customer locations can make working with residential software for your commercial business a nightmare. Residential field-service management software is designed for “one-to-one” service—i.e., a single property per job. However, your commercial business is likely to have customers who require work across multiple locations—and you need software that takes a “one-to-many” approach when managing your workflow.

Tracking and managing assets across multiple jobs for a single account is the name of the game when it comes to working at scale. Modern mobile apps for commercial software make it easy to log assets and automatically produce asset lists associated with each jobsite.

Streamlined billing processes are a must for commercial contractors. Cashflow is vital to your business, and the right field-service management software can help fast-track payments through multiple layers of approvals before making it back into your accounts. Residential software is only designed to facilitate simple one-to-one billing; quality commercial software will generate invoices automatically for multiple jobs belonging to the same client with little to no hassle.

Making the right moves to benefit the future of your business starts with how you choose to manage it. Working with quality field-service management software—designed for commercial use—gives you the freedom to navigate complex workflows without sacrificing the quality of service you provide to your clients. Not to mention the fact that the right provider will create a personalized platform that caters precisely to the needs of your commercial contracting business, so you can worry about spending time on what matters most—your customers. 


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