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NCCER’s new Tower Crane Operator Certification Program is part of an existing lineup of certifications that includes Mobile Crane Operator, Rigger and Signal Person.

With the Tower Crane Operator Certification Program, tower crane operators can become certified through NCCER by passing a written assessment and hands-on practical examination. Operators can choose from three types of practical examinations; when combined, the assessments and examinations lead to three different equipment-specific certifications: luffer, hammerhead and self-erect.

The Mobile Crane Operator Certification Program is accredited by ANSI and offers written assessments and hands-on practical examinations that lead to 13 different equipment-specific certifications.

Companies and organizations can become crane-endorsed NCCER Accredited Assessment Centers and test their employees or members using their own equipment without the need for third-party testing. NCCER offers written assessment and practical examination results within 15 minutes of submission (without rush fees) and can verify credentials in real time through the NCCER Registry.

All of NCCER’s crane operator certifications are portable and industry-recognized and meet or exceed standards set by OSHA and ASME. Individuals who successfully complete the requirements for NCCER crane certification are entered into the NCCER Registry and issued a wallet card, known as the Gold Card. The Gold Card has a unique number that provides easy access to online verification of an operator’s certification records within the NCCER Registry. All NCCER crane operator certifications are valid for five years.

NCCER also offers Rigger and Signal Person certification programs that are similar to the Tower Crane and Mobile Crane programs. Individuals must pass a written assessment and practical examination, with four types to choose from: basic rigger, intermediate rigger, advanced rigger and signal person.

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