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Imagine being on a jobsite. Thanks to the Oxx Coffeebox, there is freshly brewed coffee. The project manager has downloaded SmartReality’s app and is interacting with the project model wearing a virtual reality headset. Next, he will access project data for bids via BidCity. The new project will have clear solar-powered windows and simple bulb adaptors that provide emergency lighting. Project teams will collaborate using Autodesk’s A360 Collaboration for Revit and Viewpoint Revit Plugin.


CMD Introduces BidCity App for Contractors
CMDBidCityCMD BidCity is a mobile app for bid information on new private projects, including retail, commercial, hospitality, health care and more. The construction app gives general contractors and subcontractors the ability to view actionable project and company details complete with scope, bidder and participant contact information, project name and more. BidCity is available for free download in the iTunes store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. There is a small fee for access to bid data.

SmartReality App Updates for Wearable Devices for Construction
SmartRealitySmartReality has released several app updates for wearable devices. Version 0.31 now has the ability to submit projects with upgrades to the mobile app and web portal.SmartReality Oculus Rift virtual reality headset with a Leap Motion Controller mounted on the front is now integrated with Leap Motion’s latest SDK (software development kit). This SDK is optimized for virtual reality and, when combined with the Oculus Rift headset, offers unprecedented speed and accuracy when viewing and using hands to interact with construction project models. A new API opens up raw infrared imagery straight from sensors. When mounted directly onto a head-worn display, these images become stereoscopic windows to the world.


Viewpoint Revit Plugin for BIM
Viewpoint AEC users can access a new productivity tool for easily publishing critical BIM information from Autodesk’s Revit into Viewpoint’s 4Projects and Viewpoint for Project Collaboration project management systems. The Viewpoint Revit Plugin streamlines the ability to:

  • export Revit design information into the 4Projects and Viewpoint For Project Collaboration environments;
  • automatically authenticate team credentials to Viewpoint from Revit;
  • export models, sheets and schedules from Revit to Viewpoint;
  • easily define file formats for export to Viewpoint; and
  • create IFCs from Revit models.
AutoDesk 360 Expands BIM-based Collaboration
AutoDesk 360 has expanded BIM-based collaboration.

  • Autodesk A360 Collaboration for Revit, formerly code-named Project Skyscraper, connects building project teams with centralized access to BIM project data in the cloud and eliminates the need for PDFs.
  • Field Assets for InfraWorks 360 cloud-based infrastructure asset management to owners and operators is a location-based, easy to deploy web application that gives field staff access to the data they need, when they need it on nearly any device.
GRAPHISOFT® ArchiCAD® with LumenRT for Realistic Models
GraphiSoft LumenRTGRAPHISOFT®, a BIM architectural software developer, is now fully integrated with LumenRT 2015 on PC and Mac platforms. The interface includes full support for the export of ArchiCAD® geometry and BIM information along with an integrated LumenRT proxy content library of plants, vehicles and characters. With the ArchiCAD® LumenRT Exporter, ArchiCAD users can instantly transform their models into rich, immersive scenery complete with wind-blown trees, moving vehicles, animated characters, wavy water, clouds and atmospheres.
Takenaka Adopts GRAPHISOFT BIMx for Mobile Access to BIM Projects
GRAPHISOFT® announced that Takenaka Corporation will equip thousands of Takenaka field technicians with GRAPHISOFT BIMx Docs. Takenaka has $9 billion in sales and 20 overseas offices and is the largest construction R&D laboratory in the world with more than 1,000 architects. The company plans to further develop the use of BIM in the field of design and construction.

Construction Computing Award Winners Named in London
Construction Computing Magazine Awards recognized technology, tools and solutions for the construction industry in November in London. Winners included:


Bulb Adapter for Emergency Lighting
How many contractors does it take to retrofit multifamily dwellings or commercial buildings for backup power lighting? Just one: It is as simple as screwing in a light bulb. Wireless Environment’s new SwitchSense Bulb Adapter is compatible with almost any fixture that uses CFL or LED lamps with an Edison base. In the event of a power outage, the adapter will use power stored in its embedded battery to keep the bulb illuminated for up to three hours. SwitchSense is intelligently designed to detect the difference between an open switch circuit and a true outage so it will not engage accidentally.

Clear Solar-powered Windows
A team of researchers at Michigan State University has developed a transparent luminescent solar concentrator that can be used on buildings, cell phones and other devices with a clear surface. When placed over a window, the concentrator creates solar energy. The concentrator is transparent, so people can actually see through the window. Although more work is needed to improve its energy-producing efficiency, it currently produces a solar conversion efficiency close to 1 percent, but is expected to reach efficiencies beyond 5 percent. The best colored LSC has an efficiency of around 7 percent.

Jobsite Coffee Maker
The OXX Coffeeboxx, billed as the world’s toughest coffeemaker and backed by OXX’s Beyond Rugged Guarantee, features an impact-resistant shell, a crush proof core that can withstand a quarter ton load, water-resistant and dust-proof protection, rust-resistant hardware and construction, and a watertight system design that makes it spill proof--and it makes a good cup of coffee. The Coffeeboxx is available via Oxx’s Kickstarter campaign.

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Accelerated Payments for Subcontractors
Textura Corporation and Greensill Capital have teamed up to offer the Early Payment Program (EPP), which enables general contractors to provide accelerated payments to subcontractors. Through the EPP third-party funding arrangement, subcontractors may be eligible for accelerated payment by the general contractor by 30 to 60 days from the time their invoice is approved. Textura is providing the technology for EPP via its Construction Payment Management™ (CPM™) solution and technology platform, while Greensill performs the underwriting and provide the funding. Turner Construction Company is the first to implement EPP.

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