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Juliane Medd 
Business Development Manager 
Consigli Construction Co. Inc. 
Washington, D.C.
How did you discover construction was for you?

The construction industry offers a wealth of opportunities to those looking to diversify their skill sets. I, for instance, studied horticulture in school. As a woman, this abundance of opportunity is especially appealing, and I try to pass on that knowledge when I speak to girls at local high schools. 

I also love that construction has the potential to positively impact the people and communities we serve. When working on projects that involve public spaces like libraries and schools, I find it especially rewarding to watch community members enjoy a space we built. This inspires me to continue building my career in the sector.

Which literary character did you always dream of being?

I always enjoyed reading and watching “Matilda” as a child due to her curiosity and passion for reading and learning.

What is the most significant decision you have made over the past year?

My significant decision came in the form of joining Consigli’s Washington, D.C., team. Moving from the subcontractor market to the general contractor space was a big leap, but it’s been interesting to recognize the similarities and differences between the two fields.

If you had a time machine, where would you go?

I would love to travel to Ancient Greece to be able to witness the construction of some of the world’s most famous buildings, such as the Parthenon.

What is the biggest business faux pas you strive to avoid?

I have two. Calling someone the wrong name is the first. I know mistakes happen, but capturing something such as a name proves you’re a good listener from the outset of a conversation.

Another faux pas I try to avoid is not asking the right questions. Our work is all about relationships and solving unique customer challenges. How can we do that to the best of our ability without getting on the same page?

What is your favorite museum?

I’m always looking for creative inspiration and ways to keep things fresh, so art really feeds my curiosity. I always like to think of construction as a form of art, so I find art museums fun and inspiring. 


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