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The American Rental Association's online rental store locator, RentalHQ.com, is now available as a mobile app. Search functions with fields for equipment type and location deliver a list of local ARA-member rental partners carrying the equipment—such as lifts and scaffolding, loaders, backhoes, dump trucks and mini excavators—with mapped location, contact information and a website link for each store.


Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, BLK2FLY autonomous UAV laser scanning sensor scans and captures dimensions of an area or building. The UAVs avoid obstacles and automatically redirects its flight path. BLK ARC laser scanning sensor improves autonomous navigation of robots and other carrier platforms to deliver fully autonomous mobile laser scanning to capture 3D point clouds and panoramic images of changing environments. BLK ARC is compatible with Boston Dynamics' Spot works but can be integrated with other autonomous robotics carriers. 

Handheld Group’s NAUTIZ X6 ultra-rugged phablet combines big-screen functionality of a tablet with the performance of a rugged phone. The new version of the Nautiz X6 runs Android 11 and is Android Enterprise-recommended. 

Versatile’s CraneView device mounts under any crane hook to collect data on crane utilization, load details, location, model updates and project progress with real time alerts. It collects data using machine learning, artificial intelligence and "Internet of Things" on progress and process; what was built and how it was built; and analyzes thousands of data points to deliver transformational insights on jobsite performance to streamline decision-making. Versatile just secured $80 million in Series B funding.

Software & In the Cloud

B2W Software’s ONE Platform generates repair requests based on data from electronic forms used for completing equipment inspections. With B2W Inform, contractors can customize and manage electronic forms for equipment inspections and more. The B2W Maintain application allows inspection forms to trigger repair requests and information from forms to flow directly to the requests. B2W Maintain and B2W Inform use a single database for equipment lists, jobs, employees and other operational data. Linking inspection form fields to the database allows drop-down menus to be populated with valid, up-to-date options.

Partnerships, Acquisitions & Integrations

CupixWorks 3D digital twin platform now integrates with Procore to deliver 360-degree panoramic view with full 3D spatial context. Users can search locations within a jobsite without leaving the Procore platform. Cupix’s real-time 3D digital twin collaboration tool, SiteView, offers life-like virtual remote site navigation, progress tracking, as-built vs. BIM analysis, 3D measurements and 3D annotations. Users can remotely “walk through” a jobsite, navigating to the location of RFIs, observations and open items, in addition to searching by location names. 

Siemens Corporation and Nexii Building Solutions are partnering on rapid delivery of sustainable buildings with low carbon footprints across North America. The collaboration combines Nexii’s high-performance buildings and green building products, such as Nexiite, with Siemens’ digital power distribution solutions and eVehicle charging equipment. Efforts will include digitizing Nexii’s specialized manufacturing facilities and creating efficiencies to speed production of sustainable building products.

AOMS Technologies has acquired Brickeye, construction risk forecast platform. The AOMS Smart Construction Platform provides monitoring capabilities and real-time insights, including progress of concrete curing, equipment utilization, energy consumption, material location tracking, activity monitoring in hazardous areas and structural damage and failure detection. The acquisition enables AOMS to provide monitoring and analysis related to gas and water leaks, environmental challenges, noise levels and other compliance and insurance risk issues.

Billd, a provider of material financing for commercial subcontractors, is partnering with Procore to offer contractors a comprehensive solution to secure critical project financing and to streamline project management and materials procurement. 


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