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COVID-19 Resources

Seek Thermal’s Seek ScanTM automates body temperature screening using skin temperature as a proxy. The system automatically detects a face, identifies the most reliable facial features for measurement and displays an alert if the person is warmer than the customizable alarm temperature. Seek Scan utilizes infrared thermal imaging technology, a temperature-controlled heat source and Seek Scan software to accurately measure and screen for skin temperature. 

Extracker cloud-based collaboration platform helps general contractors and subcontractors create, track and share change orders and time and material tags. Subcontractors can use the Extracker mobile app to document their work and request a digital signature by email. The touch-free process automatically generates a cloud-based log for subcontractors and general contractors—for safety and financial security during the COVID-19 crisis.

As states begin to lift restrictions on employers in various segments of the economy, MEMIC, a workers’ compensation insurance specialty company, has released the MEMIC Pandemic Recovery Safety Planning template includes forms to assist with preparation, training and documentation.


Skyward’s risk assessment tool helps drone program managers proactively identify and document critical risks to an operation. Pilots and managers use Skyward’s web or mobile apps to answer a series of questions based on aviation best practices and an overall risk summary is generated based on the highest level or risk present. Skyward also introduced Live Flights to help organizations monitor and manage their drone flights from the office, field or home. 


Kenzen’s real-time worker heat monitoring SaaS system includes a wearable device worn by workers on their arm which alerts both the worker and their supervisor when core body temperature is too high. The wearable monitors multiple physiological and environmental metrics, including heart rate, activity and skin and ambient temperatures and alerts workers and supervisors when temperatures approach unsafe levels. A second “back to work” alert indicates when the worker’s core body temperature has returned to a safe level.

DTN’s OnGuard Siren Alerting Solution provides siren notification of approaching hazards such as lightning, thunderstorms and tornado warnings. OnGuard sirens and beacons tie into DTN’s WeatherSentry alert system for timely weather information through a universal smart controller.


Tread’s digital platform simplifies moving construction materials such as asphalt and aggregates. The platform does scheduling, dispatching, e-ticketing and reporting, providing visibility into cycle times while analyzing data and delivering recommendations to improve operational efficiencies. With Tread, contractors can track when materials will arrive onsite, communicate with heavy equipment operators and optimize routes, track movement of excess materials, flag risky driver behavior and evaluate vehicle performance in real time.

Video & Cool Stuff

GCP Applied Technologies report, 2020 Vision for a Sustainable Future, highlights GCP product development, using technology and chemistry to develop solutions to reduce waste and increase efficiency; how GCP employees who are working to build better communities across the globe; and GCP’s efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing plants. The report discusses lowering energy consumption in cement production, reducing the amount of cement needed on concrete to lower CO2 emissions, and using big data to deliver sustainable concrete.

In remembrance of the 2001 attacks on the twin towers, EarthCam has released the construction progress of Freedom Tower in New York from 2004-2015. Documenting the project for 11 years, EarthCam's construction cameras captured hundreds of thousands of high definition images that were hand-edited to create this exclusive movie. 

Enstoa launched Colonnade, a collection of expert-led, virtual classes concentrating on the concepts for managing and operating the built environment. Colonnade classes are live, interactive sessions consisting of spirited discussions, activities and games. Available classes include "Digital Transformation for Leaders," "AI: Machine Learning Essentials" and "Project Scheduling Principles"—with more coming soon. 


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