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This week’s rundown includes an IoT hardhat, compact multifunction printer and services marketplace. Don’t miss the BuiltWorld Hackathon, results of a study on software usability and award-winning structural rehab system.


GuardHat IoT Hardhat Detects Wearer Location, Dangerous Conditions

GuardHat Inc. IoT hardhat has sensors that continuously transmit data to a safety control center, enabling the system to pinpoint each worker’s location and detect dangerous conditions. The hardhat establishes audio and video contact with workers after a fall; detects increasing levels of noxious carbon monoxide gas; and instantly sends alerts to the control center with precise location coordinates after a fall – also notifying nearby workers wearing GuardHat.

HP Introduces 24-inch HP DesignJet T830 Multifunction Printer
The HP DesignJet T830 24-Inch Multifunction Printer is an ultra-compact, versatile large format printing solution for AEC teams to seamlessly collaborate onsite and across sites by printing, copying, scanning and sharing plans with a single device. All HP DesignJet T-seriesprinters come with HP Click that offers easy, simple one-click printing, plus drag and drop multipage PDF printing and real-print preview.

Software & In the Cloud

Autodesk Launches Services Marketplace Geared for the AEC Industry
The Autodesk Services Marketplace for small and medium business customers connects those seeking to hire help from proven professional third-party service providers, offering choice, convenience and local help in one place, providing them with more resources beyond tech support.

Video & Cool Stuff

BuiltWorlds Hackathon 2017

BuiltWorlds Hackathon 2017 is December 1-3 in Chicago. The competition is where all-star developers, makers and built industry experts gather to hack solutions to burning built world problems. Each team will have one industry professional to help them solve real problems, including software, makerthon and construction profitability.

Digital Transformation Requires Good Software Usability
IFS’ research study, Enterprise Software Usability and Digital Transformation, shows a strong relationship between usability of industrial companies’ enterprise software and their readiness for digital transformation. The study surveyed 200 industrial users of enterprise resource planning (ERP)field service management (FSM),enterprise asset management (EAM) and other types of enterprise software in North America. The study found that when faced with poor software usability, 88 percent of respondents would abandon enterprise software for disconnected spreadsheets, defeating the purpose of an enterprise application; there is a strong correlation between usability and digital transformation; and software usability can affect employee retention among experienced staff. Almost 46 percent of the important middle age demographic surveyed would consider changing jobs due to poor enterprise software usability.

West Virginia University Students Designs Structural Rehab System
Praveen Kumar Reddy Majjigapu received $2,500 from the Collegiate Inventors Competition for his invention of a four-part system designed to fortify existing structural joints, extend their service lives and improve the safety of a structure under extreme loads efficiently and economically. Tests have shown that renewed joints can withstand 500 percent more force than unfortified joints. The Collegiate Inventors Competition encourages and drives innovation and entrepreneurship at the collegiate level and recognizes and rewards the research, innovations and discoveries by college students and their advisors for projects leading to inventions that have the potential of receiving patent protection.

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