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Here’s the rundown on new software for estimating, asset management, BIM and subcontractor prequalification. Also featured are 3-D mobile mapping and data analysis, ELD and an online tool for spotting potential vibration damage.


AeroPoint Ground Control Points Enable Drones to Capture Survey-grade Data
AeroPoints from Propeller Aero ground control points are designed for use with UAVs to capture survey-grade data. AeroPoints work with any GPS-enabled drone and coordinate reference system and processing software including Pix4D, Agisoft and the Propeller platform. The inbuilt GPS records its position while the drone flies. AeroPoints data is automatically uploads recorded coordinates after the flight. AeroPoints come in sets of 10 along with two AeroStencils to create semi-permanent and permanent ground control points.

Software & In the Cloud

FOUNDATION® Construction Accounting Introduces ProEst Integration
Foundation Software, developer of FOUNDATION® job cost accounting and project management, is now integrated with ProEst estimating software. ProEst cloud users can now pull their project estimates directly into their FOUNDATION job budgets for integrated estimating and accounting without exports or extra data entry.

BuildSourced is Now Tenna with Expanded Capabilities and Product Line
BuildSourced, now known as Tenna, offers physical asset management platform of proprietary hardware that now includes RFID and software for tracking company assets, from small tools to heavy vehicles. Tenna records assets as they travel into or out of yards or sites, enabling cost-effective identification and control of each vehicle, tow-behind equipment, or tool on a project or jobsite, in a warehouse or in the yard. Available in 2018 are Bluetooth Asset trackers, GPS Transmitters, Cellular trackers and LoRa trackers.

iBwave Launches Release 9 High-Density Wireless Network
iBwave Solutions’ in-building wireless network design standard enables users and devices to connect inside a wide range of venues. iBwave Release 9 delivers a future-ready solution for in-building wireless networks to meet these challenges anywhere anytime. iBwave Wi-Fi® brings carrier-grade Wi-Fi to the enterprise market for improved capacity optimization and design accuracy for high-density venues. iBwave Design 9 integrates converged networks for complex high-capacity and high-density venues into one unique efficient design. iBwave Unity 9 makes collaboration easier and more intuitive with the help of new advanced data mining and reporting capabilities that can be shared via the cloud.

Predictive Solutions SmartWork™ for Safety and Productivity
Predictive Solutions’ SmartWork™ builds on the SafetyNet platform to improve safety and productivity on worksites. SmartWork adds new functionality across six modules: SmartWork Collect to simplify data collection; SmartWork Analyze to visualize data in meaningful ways that lead to action; SmartWork Process to manage processes using customizable workflows; SmartWork Predict to assess workplace risk with predictive insight tools; SmartWork Community to reach people anywhere and share critical data; and SmartWork Connect to integrate into other business systems.

Create and Visualize 3-D doors with ASSA ABLOY BIM Software Tools
With ASSA ABLOY Openings Studio suite of BIM software tools, users can create and visualize 3-D doors, frames and hardware objects. The software integrates with Revit 3D software and allows users to plan, review and track the design of openings throughout the planning process. With the BILT App, ASSA ABLOY provides interactive 3-D models and step-by-step instructions to make installations easier, ensure products are installed properly and store warranties for future reference.

Dodge Data & Analytics PreQual Module for Dodge PlanRoom
Dodge Data & Analytics’ Dodge PreQual gives Dodge PlanRoom users the ability to manage and collect financial, insurance, safety, work history and performance documentation of subcontractors and suppliers. Pantera Global Technology, Inc.’s turnkey service seamlessly integrates with Dodge PreQual to help gather and verify the information when it is needed.

Acquisitions & Partnerships

Verity-GeoSLAM Collaboration Advances Real-Time Construction Quality Management
GeoSLAM and ClearEdge3D are partnering on a 3-D mobile mapping beta program that allows as-built construction data measured using GeoSLAM’s mobile laser scanners to be compared against design/fabrication models using ClearEdge3D’s Verity software to identify installation status and out-of-tolerance or inaccurately constructed work. Users can scan with the ZEB-REVO and analyze data with Verity software to make sure the work is being built on schedule and within tolerance; identifying mistakes before they become expensive problems.

Video & Cool Stuff

Trimble Registers FMCSA-Compliant ELD Solution
Trimble FieldMaster Logs application has been registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as a self-certified electronic logging device (ELD) solution. FieldMaster Logs adds hours of service and the driver vehicle inspection report, tracks driver activity, provides clear communication to the driver about hours remaining and gives robust reports to managers to measure drivers’ activity and availability. In 2016, the FMCSA mandated that carriers who do not already have an automatic onboard recording device (AOBRD) installed on vehicles must install a certified ELD solution by Dec. 18. Vehicles with installed AOBRDs must replace them with certified ELDs by Dec. 17, 2019.

Travelers’ ZoneCheckSM Helps Contractors Spot Potential for Vibration Damage
The Travelers Companies ZoneCheck? online tool helps contractors identify areas surrounding a jobsite that could be affected by vibrations from heavy equipment. ZoneCheck delivers a customized report that includes recommendations for completing pre-construction surveys and steps for monitoring the job. ZoneCheck can find locations through geolocation settings and generate an aerial image of the site depicting the areas where people may feel vibrations and which buildings may be affected.

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