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The tech rundown takes flight with a new type of drone, a drone data processing platform and a service for wind forecasts. New software monitors jobsite tasks, streamlines data and creates digital forms. View images of areas in Florida and Texas hit by hurricanes.


Scope AR to Support Apple's ARKit for Real-Time AR Assistance

Scope AR’s remote-assistance application, Remote AR, will support ARKit, an augmented reality-based remote assistance application. Remote AR users can now take advantage of the platform's real-world mapping to collaboratively add annotation and 3-D. The capability is available on newer iOS devices, and iPads equipped with A9 or A10 processors.


Check Construction Worker Training in More Detail via Enhanced ID Card
Credential Verification Service now provides photo ID cards printed with a QR code, which when scanned with a smartphone or tablet, displays the employee’s training records, including trainer or issuing authority, license number and type of training. CVS is also available via a silicone wristband.

Google Jamboard Collaboration Tool

Advanced collaboration tool, Google Jamboard, is a 55-inch, 4K display on which users can write, explore and import content on the web, saving their sketches to the cloud. Jamboard has the same real-time collaboration tools as G Suite, allowing multiple people to access the board through touch, additional Jamboards, or simply through the Jamboard app for phone or tablet.

Yuneec International Yuneec H520 Commercial UAV

Yuneec International’s H520 sUAS drone utilizes Multiple Interchangeable Payload Options, DataPilot™ Mission Planning Software and YES! Commercial Service Program. The H520 has a six-rotor platform and incorporates enterprise-grade cameras and mission planning software for high-end commercial use. Yuneec DataPilot™ is a complete solution for planning survey and waypoint-based UAV flight. DataPilot™ is integrated with the hardware and software control system utilized by the Yuneec H520 sUAS. The H520 software development kit allows third parties to develop value-added applications and services on the sUAS platform for a variety of commercial uses.

Software & In the Cloud

Go From Paper to Digital with GoFormz

GoFormz mobile forms and reporting solution creates an identical, mobile version of a paper document. Resulting mobile forms can be used on a mobile app or on the web. The digitized forms can be accessed and submitted from anywhere, on any device. Using powerful automated features (including auto-emails, workflows, reports and integrations to other business systems) teams can collect and share data in real time.

Bridgit Project Insights Monitors Tasks; Company Offers Free Software Access to Jobsites Affected by the Hurricanes
Bridgit’s Project Insights collects real numbers from a jobsite site to monitor overdue tasks, identify problem areas and bottlenecks, and hold subcontractors accountable with performance metrics. Users can see how many tasks are completed, the average age of incomplete tasks and subcontractor performance week-over-week. Bridgit is offering free access to its software to jobsites affected by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey until November 30, 2017. Contact team@gobridgit.com to get set up. The offer is limited and projects will be given access on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Cosential Integrates with Viewpoint VISTA
Cosential sales and marketing tool helps AEC firms streamline data and work flows. Cosential now integrates with VISTA to sync project-specific marketing and financial data. Cosential also configures Financial Data Connector to automatically update marketing data and materials. Cosential also can update data in Viewpoint, creating new project records or updating specified fields.

VR, Fabrication and More Come with Autodesk’s AEC Collection at no Additional Cost
Autodesk’s Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection, which includes Revit, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Navisworks Manage, and 3ds Max,  supports the next generation of BIM—and Revit-based—workflows for building and infrastructure projects from planning and design through preconstruction. Add-ons (at no additional cost) include Revit Live for turning Revit models into immersive visual experiences; analysis and computational design software Robot Structural Analysis Professional and Structural Bridge Design for performing structural analysis; Dynamo Studio that automates workflows that drive the geometry and behavior of design models; and Advance Steel and Fabrication CADmep for conceiving, modeling and fabricating better MEP and structural steel systems on an integrated platform.

Intel Expands Drone Offerings with Intel® Insight Platform
The Intel Insight Platform is a cloud-based data processing, analytics and reporting service that allows customers to store, share and manage the rich data that commercial drone systems provide. It is capable of generating 2-D and 3-D models, taking measurements and making annotations for sharing across teams, as well as running advanced data analytics like change detection and plant counting. Intel’s RealSense technology adds flight planning automation with Intel Mission Control software and automatic change detection with Intel Insight Platform.

Acquisitions & Partnerships

ManufactOn Secures Investment from Brick & Mortar Ventures, Autodesk, & WND Ventures
Autodesk is participating in the Series A funding round for ManufactOn through its Forge Fund. The Autodesk Forge is a connected developer cloud platform that lets customers create customized, scalable solutions for engineering, construction and manufacturing challenges. Brick & Mortar Ventures and WND Ventures also participated in the funding. ManufactOn is a SaaS (mobile/web) platform that helps construction firms plan, track and manage prefabrication and regular material handling. ManufactOn makes information visible to all general and trade contractors involved in a project.

Video & Cool Stuff

Earth Networks Launches Advanced Weather Service for Commercial Drone Market

Wind speed and direction data are particularly critical in the 10-400 foot low-altitude range where commercial drones operate—a range too high for traditional surface-level wind data to be used exclusively and too low for wind data utilized by airlines operating at much higher altitudes. Sferic DroneFlight delivers hyperlocal wind forecasts for any latitude and longitude in the world—enhancing commercial drone flight safety and efficiency across all three phases of drone operations: pre-flight planning, in-flight operations and post-flight analysis.

Nearmap Aerial Imagery Shows Before and After of Hurricane Irma Damage
Nearmap, an aerial imagery provider, deployed aircraft to the affected areas around Naples, Fort Meyers, Cape Coral and the Florida Keys to aid in emergency response and rescue, homeland security and local law enforcement, flood management, emergency fund allocation, utility and electric support and the insurance and claims industry. Nearmap also captured images in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Imagery of areas affected by both Harvey and Irma can be accessed through the Nearmap MapBrowser viewer and WMS, WMTS and TMS API for seamless integration with Esri, AutoCAD and custom GIS Applications.

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