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Don’t miss the video on hyper-positioning software and sensor-based platforms that transform vehicles into autonomous vehicles on the jobsite. New software includes a product that combines 3-D BIM models with project scheduling data for a 4-D time sequence and a visual management tool for applying lean principles via Kanban boards. Also featured are a security system to authorize and track people and two electronic logging devices.


Gorilla Safety’s Electronic Logging Device Solution is Available in Spanish
Gorilla Safety’s fully automated Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is now available in Spanish and meet the rules set forth by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandate, which takes effect in December. Gorilla Safety’s ELD device works as a stand-alone solution or in sync with its mobile app (spanning a full suite of fleet safety and management services) to appropriately and accurately maintain logbook records and easily track and store driver hours of service right inside the smartphone. The software is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and also features a web-based dashboard.

Software & In the Cloud

HCSS Offers New Electronic Logging Device to Meet FMCSA Trucking Regulations
HCCS eLogsHCSS eLogs electronically tracks a driver’s HOS and automates driving events based on vehicle movements, which is a requirement for compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations effective Dec. 18. HCSS eLogs includes a driver app for smartphones or tablets and a website where managers can review Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs), driver statuses, shift and cycle time, previous violations, and daily driver logs and comments. Drivers can enter data, fill out pre- and post-trip DVIRs and identify and self-report violations. Managers receive logs and have access to all driver information.

Lean4Team Uses Kanban Boards for Lean Principles
Lean4Team visual management software enables manufacturing, construction and BIM teams to apply lean principles to eliminate waste. Kanban boards give at-a-glance visibility of project status so users spend less time on tracking down progress reports.

BIM Features in Asta Powerproject Support Demand for 4-D Planning
Asta Powerproject 4DWith the integrated BIM module in Elecosoft’s Asta Powerproject v14.0.03, users can combine 3-D BIM models with the project activity scheduling data in a seamless application to deliver a 4-D time sequence. Users can add site objects such as cranes or construction trailers to the model display for an enhanced visual representation of how a site will appear at various stages of a project; click and drag on model objects for manual splitting for precise definition of where to split them; and display a moving dropline across the bar chart during timeline simulation. Planners can interact between 3-D models and project plans and produce compelling video output and presentations.

Security System Tracks Everyone Entering Construction Worksites
CVS ID SystemWith Credential Verification Service (CVS) site security systems, construction companies can track employees and contractors entering a jobsite in real time. The CVS card connects to a cloud-based database to give foremen and guards the information needed to determine whether to admit or deny entry. The new security system extends CVS’s service for verifying employee training by scanning a photo ID card linked to a database. The CVS system stores historical data so managers can spot trends and issues. Data is easily exported into other systems, including human resources and time and attendance systems. Data can be downloaded at any time for import into other systems or further data analysis.

Partnerships and Acquisitions

Triax and Procore Integrate Project Workforce, Safety Management
Triax Technologies, Inc., provider of wearable technology, and Procore are partnering on a two-way integration that automatically sends accurate spot-r system jobsite data, including manhours and safety incidents, to Procore for accidents, timecards, manpower and daily construction reports. Through a secure, wireless sitewide network and wearable device that clips onto workers’ belts, spot-r provides real-time worker time and attendance, zone-based location and automatic safety incident alerts. The integration automates project and user set-up between the two platforms, allows general contractors to see which workers are onsite and their locations, and syncs worker hours to the Procore platform.

Video & Cool Stuff

Autonomous Navigation Technology to Make Jobsites Safer
Check out this video from BuiltWorlds of David Bruemmer, CTO of 5D Robotics, discussing how hyper-positioning software and sensor-based platform transforms existing vehicles into autonomous vehicles.

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