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Check out the cool construction technologies this week, including an IoT smart car platform, VR for AEC, a cloud-based system for tracking employee training and a 3-D robotic construction printer. Workers will appreciate the wearable tablet belt and construction interns can apply for a $10,000 college scholarship.


RUNNUR Hands Free Wearable Belts Protect Tablets on the Jobsite
Runnur Tablet CarrierRUNNUR's line of hands-free, wearable tablet belts provide users with immediate access to their tablet. RUNNUR has partnered with OtterBox to offer these devices to its customer base. Products include a Tablet Belt Clip, Heavy Duty Tablet Belt and Universal SlingMount™. Features include a quick-press release button for instant access and a security cord to prevent dropping.


Software & In the Cloud

Track Employee Training from the Cloud
Engineerica Systems’ AccuTraining allows companies to track employee training classes and progress. Administrators can create and assign training plans for employees, print out training badges or QR code stickers to track employees and record attendance at the training classes, set up a computer sign-in station and generate reports. Employees can log into AccuTraining to view progress, remaining sessions/tasks and upcoming training sessions.

CalAmp Telematics Technology Powers Autobrain’s Connected Car Platform
CalAmp, a pure-play pioneer of internet of things (IoT) enablement solutions, and Autobrain, a connected car platform that turns any car into a smart car, have integrated CalAmp’s plug-and-play OBD devices and telematics systems into Autobrain’s platform for location tracking, vehicle health intelligence and driver behavior assessment. CalAmp’s telematics technology systems and platforms offer reliable location tracking, expanded vehicle health intelligence and greater driver behavior assessment for safety and security. CalAmp’s PEG and PULS technologies power its highly configurable devices with extensive embedded features that can be updated and expanded over-the-air.

Multi-user Collaboration Possible with IrisVR Prospect
IrisVR Prospect engages stakeholders, wherever they are located, in the same virtual environment in real time, with audio features so architects and engineers can guide owners, contractors and subcontractors through pre-constructed spaces to identify errors, create punch list items and generate dialogue on architecturally complex forms or buildings. Prospect simulates site conditions, including the position and movement of construction equipment and crews. Prospect is compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and interfaces with Revit and SketchUp.

Video & Cool Stuff

Contour Crafting Corporation and Doka Ventures start production of construction 3D printers
Doka 3D

Robotic 3-D construction printers are becoming a reality with a partnership between Contour Crafting and Doka Ventures. The robot 3-D printer will initially print building shells layer by layer. The first generation commercial construction robots will have a reach of between 24 feet to 40 feet and a user selectable length that could be substantially larger. The first series-ready 3-D construction printers are scheduled for dispatch at the start of 2018. Behrokh Khoshnevis invented the technology for deployable 3-D construction printers for concrete capable of automated construction of structures and infrastructure in the field.

Enterprise software mobility a prerequisite to digital transformation
A primary research study by IFS shows a strong relationship between mobile access to industrial companies’ enterprise software and their readiness for digital transformation. The study surveyed 200 industrial users of enterprise resource planning, field service management, enterprise asset management and other types of enterprise software. The study found:

  • respondents who said their enterprise software prepared them well for digital transformation were more than twice as likely to access their software from a mobile device than those who said their software did a poor job of preparing them for digital transformation;.
  • mobile access to enterprise software may be an immediate digital transformation opportunity; and
  • tablet computers were most frequently used to access enterprise software; 17 percent said their entire enterprise suite was accessible by tablets and other touchscreen devices.
CoreLogic Launches Storm Damage Identification Service 
CoreLogic®, a property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider, Roof IQ™ pinpoints specific homes and businesses damaged by storms so roofing professionals can identify prospects and manage lead-generation activities. The service uses CoreLogic’s advanced geocoding technology and comprehensive property-level database to identify homes and businesses within a storm's path that have suffered significant damage from wind or hail.

HCSS 2017 Construction Intern of the Year Will Award $50,000 in Scholarships to 17 College Students
UGM 2017 Pictures photos imagesStarting August 1, college students can apply for one of 17 scholarships from HCSS. They must have completed a two-month construction-related internship and been enrolled in a college, university or trade school for the 2016-2017 school year. Of the 17 semifinalists, eight will be chosen by popular vote and nine by an expert selection committee. Semifinalists will receive at least a $2,000 scholarship; four finalists receive a $4,000 scholarships and the Intern of the Year will be awarded a $10,000 scholarship grand prize.

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